Watch Enormous Alligator Sneak Up and Dine on His Second Duck of the Day

In our social media days, we've seen some wild things go viral on Facebook. Cats playing pianos, small horses wearing sweaters. This video of a massive alligator savagely eating a duck isn't something we ever thought we'd see, but now that we have, we're obligated to share it with all of you at home.

A post on Facebook by Cass Couey garnered attention around the globe for its gruesome and shocking nature. Couey shared the 32-second video on the social media platform Wednesday with a caption that warned viewers about the the extent that's possible!

"It's not just fishing, Florida duck hunting has a taxman too!" he wrote.

From the video, there's truly no telling how large the alligator is. From the safety of the shore, Cass and another man captured the predator swimming up silently behind a duck before capturing the entire bird in its mouth. With a few chomps, the gator was done with its second meal of the day, according to a man speaking in the video.

While the unfortunate bird met a sad death, other birds sat idly by, stone-cold chilling and didn't even seem affected by the gator's heinous actions. Ducks, they're tough! What's most shocking, though, is how long the gator appears to be while chewing. Its tail swishes out of the water at an incredible length from its head. You don't have to be feathered waterfowl to be ever-so-slightly intimidated.

The average size of an American alligator is around 11.2 feet (for males, which are larger than females) according to the Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute. Shockingly large American gators have been captured on film before, though.

American Alligator
An American Alligator rests on the shore of the alligator lagoon at Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead, Florida, on June 24, 2016. RHONA WISE/AFP via Getty Images/Getty

In 2017, CNN shared a video of a giant alligator walking across a nature path in Central Florida. Many were quick to assume the video was fake, because of how beastly and prehistoric the gator looked. National Geographic confirmed the video was real, though, and even stated the size of the alligator may show that the reptilian species is thriving in the modern-day climate.

This truly massive alligator was spotted casually walking across a path in Central Florida. The locals call it "Hunchback."

— CNN (@CNN) January 17, 2017

That seems to be the case in Couey's 2020 video, too. The giant gator has no shortage of food. Footage captured the a quick, silent approach, as the animal was able to feast on its second duck of the day. It's no wonder American alligators aren't even close to being considered extinct. They're actually considered to be of the "least concern" on the Smithsonian's endangered ranking.

Commenters on Couey's video expressed shock at the gator's meal, while some even joked they wouldn't be visiting Florida anytime soon. Most comments appeared to point to the alligator's size, something that was on display best as it chomped on the bird, the gator's tail reaching out of the water in movements that would cause any viewer's eyes to open wide.

You can watch the video above for a peek into the circle of life with a generally anxiety-provoking predator that will certainly make your jaw drop.