Watch: Eye-Roll King Anderson Cooper Rips 'Lying' Trump's Phoenix Rally Speech in Sarcastic CNN Segment

The eye-roll king has struck again.

One night after Don Lemon’s stirring reaction to Donald Trump’s divisive Phoenix rally Tuesday night, on Wednesday, Lemon’s CNN colleague Anderson Cooper had a few words for the president.

Cooper positively dripped with sarcasm on his CNN show, Anderson Cooper 360°, as he called out Trump’s dishonesty about the coverage of his response to the Charlottesville protests two weeks ago. Trump blamed the “dishonest media” for not covering his August 14 speech denouncing white supremacists, though, as Cooper proved, they totally did.

The silver-haired broadcaster introduced the footage of Trump’s media attack caustically: “No surprise, he wasn’t honest about that either.”

Watch the full segment:

Cooper then showed footage of CNN’s live coverage of Trump’s August 14 speech.

“So, again, the president claimed it didn’t get coverage and the crowd in Phoenix appeared to believe him. Sad,” said Cooper, mimicking Trump’s Twitter vocabulary.

Cooper said that Trump even “lied about the coverage last night,” showing footage of Trump claiming that news cameras inside the rally were being turned off and not airing his criticism of the media.

“Those cameras are going off,” he was heard saying. “CNN does not want its falling viewership to watch what I’m saying tonight.”

Except, CNN did air Trump’s comments.

“You know what that is?” Cooper said, seemingly channeling the simmering contempt of Meryl Streep’s Devil Wears Prada character Miranda Priestly, “That is the sound of the president lying again.”

“In fact, we and others kept the cameras going for each and every one of those 77 minutes he spoke, including every last attack on the people broadcasting it,” Cooper said, segueing into footage of CNN airing a “CNN sucks” chant from inside the rally.

Cooper ended with a biting parting shot responding to the chant from the crowd: “And yet the president watches us.”

The only thing that would make this segment better is if he signed off saying, “That’s all.”