Watch: Fan Keeps Eye on His Beer As Celtics Jayson Tatum Runs Into Him

Having a beer while cheering your team can be an expensive business. Therefore, it's no surprise to see fans go to great lengths to avoid spilling that precious amber nectar.

On Tuesday night, Jaylen Brown became the youngest player in Celtics history to score 30 points in a playoff game as Boston sailed past the Milwaukee Bucks 120-106, seizing a commanding 2-0 lead in the series.

Outstanding as Brown's performance was, the real hero of the night was the Celtics fan who managed to hold onto his beer while Jayson Tatum and Tony Snell came within inches of crashing into him.

In a clip that went viral, the fan can be seen walking back towards his courtside seat while holding a beer, while Tatum and Snell battle for possession and end up careering off court towards him.

The fan appeared to slow down, bracing himself for the inevitable, only for Tatum to adjust his trajectory just enough to avoid hitting him face first. The beer, of course, had a lid—but a direct impact would have left the fan no chance.

Instead, he triumphantly held his cup aloft. And rightly so, given beers at the TD Garden cost north of $10.

Lovers of the ale had worse news in Toronto, however, where a Raptors' vendor dropped four beers onto the floor. The game was momentarily delayed as staff wiped the floor clean.

Calling the game for TSN, Jack Armstrong was visibly upset over the loss of liquid.

"This is a national tragedy," he cried.

"How can you drop that many beers? We've got get that vendor straightened out. You can drop pop-corn, you can drop soda pops, water, anything you want but not beer."

Matt Devlin did an admirable job of comforting him and wiped tears off his face. There were no tears to be shed for Raptors' fans, however, as their team beat Washington 130-119 to go 2-0 up in the series.