Watch: 'F***face von Clownstick'—Jon Stewart Tells Stephen Colbert About His Favorite Trump Nickname

In a special episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, which aired last night on CBS, the host found himself in an unusual position.

Instead of taking up his normal place behind the presenter's desk, Colbert was seated in the guest chair and took questions from Jon Stewart—his former boss at The Daily Show—as well as other friends, including Neil deGrasse Tyson and Charlamagne tha God.

Among the highlights of their conversation, Colbert urged Stewart to reveal what he described as the "greatest nickname of all time" for President Donald Trump.

"Would you care to share with the people of the CBS audience," Colbert asked, to which Stewart replied, "I refer to him as F***face von Clownstick… affectionately. Always affectionately, always with respect."

The interview began on a forceful note with Stewart shouting, "Who the f*** do you think you are?" at Colbert, who answered saying that he felt "a little bit" like his former boss.

Stewart then implied that he shouldn't be so modest. "Look how hale and hearty you look, coming in here every night, taking in the toxins and spewing back out rainbow-colored sprinkles. That's your job and you do it beautifully," he said.

Colbert went on to say that the only time had been interviewed by Stewart before, he was pretending to be Al Sharpton.

"That is correct Stewart," Stewart said. "Al Sharpton was going to be on The Daily Show and at the last minute he decided he didn't feel like it. And you stepped in and I interviewed you with the Al Sharpton questions."

After asking Colbert who his favorite child was, prompting laughter from the audience, Stewart moved on to the topic of the current president.

"Donald Trump, great president or greatest president?" jokingly referencing the question that Colbert would often ask guests about George W. Bush when he was host of The Colbert Report.

"I think great. Great president," Colbert said. "There's nothing else other than great or greatest?"

Stewart said he doesn't think that Donald Trump likes the job of president, but suggested he does enjoy the "trappings of power."

"I don't think he likes the, 'Why are you talking to me about energy policy, just get the shot of me going on to the helicopter looking like a Mafia don," Stewart said, giving his insight into the President's thought process.

The pair then discussed a time when Colbert had met Trump before he was President.

"Did the bluster seem charming in a sort of Music Man kind of a way?" Stewart asked.

"He wasn't blustering at all," Colbert replied, "He's got that gear of just some guy you'd see someplace. He was just some guy. And he was like, 'Let's take a picture.' He was all ready to take a picture. And orange like you couldn't believe."

Watch: 'F***face von Clownstick'—Jon Stewart Tells Stephen Colbert About His Favorite Trump Nickname | U.S.