Watch The Gasp-Worthy Moment This Roller Coaster Rider Caught a Falling Cellphone

You can file this video under "things that just don't happen." This insane video of a roller coaster rider catching a cell phone midair is making waves on Reddit, as it should.

One super lucky amusement park-goer avoided watching their smartphone join the cellphone graveyard below the ride, likely riddled with left shoes and other once-loved belongings. When the cellphone came tumbling through the air, a man simply reached out and grabbed the device with one hand. He then held the phone up victoriously and cheered.

Roller coaster
Riders raise their arms as they travel the "Kingda Ka" roller coaster 19 May, 2005, at Six Flags amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey. The roller coaster is billed as the tallest at 456 feet (139 meters) and fastest, 128 mph (205 kph) on the Earth. STAN HONDA/AFP via Getty Images/Getty

Not only could the phone have been lost forever, but it could have injured another passenger.

It's unclear if the video was original from u/shehryarsiddiqui, as the original comment that accompanied the video was removed by the r/nextf***inglevel moderators.

Watch the video below for the heartstopping, unbelievable moment.

There were a few jokes on the Reddit thread, like the top comment which gawked at the wild photo prices amusement park rides provide. You know, when the flash goes off at the perfect time, and you're just dying to bring a snapshot of your roller coaster face home? "looks like it was right when the photo flash went off so he had the option to remember it forever for 6 low installments of $250 depending on what theme park this is," wrote u/LincolnWasInACent.

Most, however, debated on if it's appropriate—or even allowed—to bring cellphones on such intense rides. Users seemed to have different opinions and pieces of knowledge from American amusement parks.

u/merikaninjunwarrior started the conversation. "don't they make you remove stuff from your pockets when you ride these types of rides? it seems like even coin change could be a piece of shrapnel," the user asked.

u/Dan6erbond clarified. "Depends on the theme park but in my experience I've been able to take my phone up there. Just not use it during the ride. Lol," they wrote.

Others pointed to the "shrapnel" idea, and said there really have been devastating injuries from coasters. u/acidteddy remembered a moment at Universal Studios when a coin hit a rider in the eye, which left him "mostly blind". Newsweek confirmed this comment with this 2011 article from Coaster Critic.

Someone else countered the thought. u/pm-me-pizza-crust said "Realistically it won't be able to go fast enough to hurt anyone. But I still get your point."

Whatever the safety regulations, can we all agree this guy is a superhero?