Watch: GoPro Joins Hammerhead Shark for a Swim

Hammerhead shark
A model of a hammerhead shark is displayed at the "Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie" (SIHH) exhibition in Geneva January 20, 2014. Denis Balibouse/Reuters

A hammerhead shark took a GoPro on an adventure on the ocean floor earlier in July, offering unusual views of the sea. The results were beautiful, but getting the camera onto the shark was no easy task.

Andy Casagrande, a shark enthusiast cinematographer who specializes in wildlife documentaries, put the GoPro on a clamp of sorts and dove into the water in search of a shark in the Bahamas. He found a hammerheard, stabilizing himself by grabbing onto the front of the shark's head. He then reached up to the dorsal fin and clamped the GoPro around the shark's fin. From there, the shark went for a swim and we got this video:

As for the GoPro, there was an involved system created to be sure it didn't stay forever on the shark (or lay on the ocean floor). Casagrande explains: "The [clamp] system has a dissolve link that corrodes over a few hours in salt water, then the spring tension releases [and] it floats to the surface." From there, it was tracked via a high-frequency radio and retrieved.