If You Watch Hours of Netflix You Could Get Sent on a $4k Lake Vacation

Calling all TV lovers, if you watch hours of Netflix content, a company will send you on a luxurious lake vacation anywhere in the world.

Leinenkugel's, which sells beers and shandies, has launched its "Docs for Docks" campaign this summer.

The company is looking to send 10 people who spent hours and hours in front of the TV in 2020 on a dreamy vacation, to reacquaint them with the great outdoors.

Explaining more about the initiative, Leinenkugel's said: "In the past year, online streaming traffic hit an all-time high, documentaries are now popular small talk fodder, and the dreaded 'are you still watching' screen has become an all-too-familiar sight.

"With the start of summer knocking at our doors, Leinenkugel's is encouraging people to swap their docs for docks—a simple trade of screen time for time by the lake this summer for a chance to win a dockside retreat with Leinenkugel swag or funds for a six-pack of Leinenkugel's summer shandy."

Each of the 10 lucky winners will receive a $4,000 stipend on a lakeside getaway, complete with booze and swag.

"Travelers will not only get a travel stipend but they will get enough ice-cold beer to stock the fridge, Leinenkugel's canoolers and lake merch to complete their #lakelife experience," the company added.

It confirmed to Newsweek the winners can bring as many—or as few—people as they like, and can book a lakeside retreat anywhere in the world, on any platform.

The money can go to all aspects of the trip, including, air fare, gas mileage and train tickets.

There are four categories, under which to submit your 2020 TV addiction: Premiere, which equates to up to 10 hours watched, Season Two, which covers between 11 and 20 hours, Marathon, between 21 and 40 hours, and finally the Finale, which is more than 41 hours sat in front of the box.

If you're not one of the lucky chosen ones then fear not, as there are also 500 runner-up prizes up for grabs of a pack of Leinenkugel's.

Applications are open until June 23, and the winners should be announced soon after.

Anyone over the age of 21 in the 50 U.S. states can apply, which you do by clicking here.

Leinenkugel's Docs 4 Docks Image
Leinenkugel's Docs 4 Docks Image. A company is looking to send someone who watches hours of TV on a lakeside retreat. Leinenkugel's

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If you're a novice, fear not, as Reynolds said: "Never grilled in your life and don't have the photo proof yet? Send us a picture of your most grill-timidated pose!" They added tongs are an optional prop.

You need to be over 18 and live in the U.S., to enter, here.