Watch: Incredible Videos of SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket That Was Mistaken for UFO

For those who looked up at the stars above Los Angeles, California, on Friday night, there may have been a surprising sight: a bright, flying object leaving a wide, white trail. The mysterious object was not a spaceship sent by distant aliens or an enormous shooting star. It was SpaceX's Falcon 9, a nine-engine rocket that launched out of Santa Barbara County and could be seen for miles around.

The Falcon 9 launches. Courtesy of SpaceX

Tesla created Falcon 9 to be the world's "first fully reusable rocket," according to their website. The rocket is part of Elon Musk's endeavor to make space travel commercially scalable.

The rocket was carrying 10 iridium satellites into orbit for its 18th and final launch of the year, according to the company's Instagram feed.

For people in southern California, it was a stellar but eerie show, lighting up the sky above the palm trees as the sun set over the ocean. Viewers were so confused about the rocket that the Los Angeles Fire Department had to put out a statement about it, and the hashtag #Aliens trended on Twitter.

For days, social media was flooded with photos, video, and speculation about the strange phenonenon. Videographer Kevin Greene, whose video is shown above, knew about the launch in advance and set up camera equipment to get a particularly stellar shot of the launch.

The Falcon 9 and a similar rocket, the Falcon Heavy, already have a page on the SpaceX website listing commercial prices for launches. The Falcon 9 costs $62 million to launch, with discounts for multiple launches. It delivers payloads to space and has launched from California and Florida.

I SWEAR TO GOD I JUST SAW A UFO WTF IS THIS #LosAngeles #aliens #ufo I’m literally shaking right now

— Katriece Ray (@katriecejoanne) December 23, 2017