Watch Live Tonight: The 2015 Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower 2015
A fireball blazes over Lake Ontario in 2009. NASA/YouTube

The first meteor shower of 2015 peaks tonight, but an almost-full moon might wash out the brightest meteors, making for poor viewing conditions. Still, the show is worth checking out; NASA reports that stargazers might be able to see the shower's fireballs, which produce bright explosions of light that persist longer than meteors.

The best time to try to see the shower is at its peak, which is expected to be around 9 p.m. EST on January 3, according to NASA.

The Quandrantids shower, named after an extinct constellation, are considered to be among the best of the annual meteor showers. This year's shower can be watched live on the Slooh Community Observatory feed. For extensive updates and details about viewing conditions, check out the dedicated page on the American Meteor Society website.

For a peek at what might be in store tonight, watch this NASA footage of a fireball blazing over Lake Ontario in 2009. If you miss the shower tonight, you can still watch the show live online.

Watch Live Tonight: The 2015 Quadrantid Meteor Shower | U.S.