Watch: Matthew McConaughey Gives His High School A Pep Talk, Longview Playing In State Championship

Matthew McConaughey, a native of Longview, Texas and notable alumnus of the University of Texas, has often been seen on the sidelines of Texas Longhorn games sporting burnt orange and throwing the Hook 'em sign.

Now that his Longview High Lobos are playing in the state championship Saturday, McConaughey sent a video message from London. He uses locker room jargon and some heartfelt words to encourage his alma mater to play their best and bring home their first state title in 81 years.

Longview (15-0) will face Beaumont West Brook (13-2) at 3 p.m. Saturday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, home of the Dallas Cowboys. The game will be broadcast live on Fox Sports Southwest.

"Longview Lobos, this is Matthew McConaughey coming at you from the streets of London, Class of 1988 Longview, Texas — Longview Lobos. Yes Sah!

"We got a little football game this weekend don't ya? State championship. Big time. Biggest game of your life so far, I betcha.

"Listen, I know you've got a lot to be excited about. A lot you want to unleash. But before you go out there, lay the blood on the line. I want to make sure you take some time to get your mind right, and your souls right.

"What I'm talking about is, bend that knee. Take a minute, look inside. Think about your families. Think about why you love the game of football. Think about all the practices and how many times it's like, "Damn, it's hot. Damn, I'm ready to go inside.""

"Think about everything you put in to this point. Look to the guy to your right. Look to the guy to your left. Look to the guy across the locker room from you. Look at your coaches, all of you. Look what you've done to get to this point."

Then, McConaughey flashed his trademark smile and enthusiastically said, "So many people are so proud of you. Feel that, know that. KNOW THAT!

"And after you get your mind right, and your soul right, your feet are planted on the ground. It'll make you ready to unleash.

"That first kickoff, that first whistle … make 'em wonder what the hell just hit 'em. The whole game.

"Do the little things. Receivers block down field. Everybody. Every play. What can you do to execute and give your team the best chance to succeed in one play? You do that, and you got the best chance at winning that game.

"Go have a ball. Enjoy this time. It'll never be here again. Enjoy the moment. Go win it. We love ya."

McConaughey was a film student at the University of Texas when he auditioned for a movie getting filmed in Austin. He wound up landing the role of David Wooderson in "Dazed and Confused," a movie set in Austin as the summer begins in 1976. Wooderson is an older graduate who hangs around and parties with the high school crowd, and in the end, they reminisce about their football days on the 50-yard line of the high school stadium.

McConaughey also played the role of coach Jack Lengyel in "We Are Marshall," a portrayal of the Marshall University football team's reviving the program after a plane crash killed most of the football team and coaches.

Longview High School last won a state title in 1937, when they defeated Wichita Falls, 19-12, at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.