WATCH: Mississippi State Band Trolls Ole Miss with 'Baby Shark' Song during Egg Bowl Blowout

It wasn't enough for Mississippi State to defeat in-state rival Ole Miss in blowout fashion during the Egg Bowl on Thursday night. Apparently, the Bulldogs' band wanted to add insult to injury.

During the eventual 35-3 victory, the "Famous Maroon Band" decided to play a rendition of the viral song "Baby Shark," trolling Ole Miss' "Landshark" nickname, as captured in a video shared by Twitter user "@Rhet_Hailey."

Obviously, the song downplayed the Rebels as "baby sharks" rather than the much more intimidating "landshark."

Mississippi State recorded 420 yards of total offense, including 309 rushing, against the Rebels' "Landshark" defense. For context, here's the original version of the song that was covered by the band during the blowout:

Ole Miss started using its "Landshark" moniker in 2008 during former head coach Houston Nutt's first season as head coach. The Rebels were coming off a 14-32 stretch during the previous five seasons and saw an immediate turnaround, finishing with a 9-4 record, which included a 47-34 victory over Texas Tech in the 2009 Cotton Bowl, as well as a 31-30 upset of eventual national champion Florida, providing the Gators with their only loss of the regular season.

Linebacker Tony Fein, who served a one-year tour in Iraq as a member of the U.S. Army prior to his college football career, would celebrate after each big play by making a shark fin gesture on his forehead with his hand. The "Fins Up" mantra quickly spread among the Ole Miss fan base and started a new tradition.

Fein, 27, passed away three years later after an accidental Alprazolam (Xanax) overdose and the Landshark became a rallying symbol in his honor. The former linebacker was viewed as the heart of the Ole Miss defense during the 2008 season, so the Landshark nickname and celebration became a physical embodiment of the team's resolve after his death.

Thursday's game was so contentious that it included a benches-clearing brawl, which resulted in ejections for Ole Miss' C.J. Moore and Mississippi State's Cameron Dantzler and Jamal Peters late in the third quarter. Willie Gay Jr. was also ejected for an unsportsmanlike penalty earlier in the game.

The play called back a would-be touchdown by Ole Miss receiver A.J. Brown, which kept the Bulldogs ahead 28-3, rather than Mississippi State cutting the deficit to 18 .

"I'm happy as a lark right now," Mississippi State coach Joe Moorehead said. "Certainly you don't want to see that stuff. I really can't comment on everything that happened because I didn't see it and I was trying to keep guys on the sideline. We'll look at the film and see what happened.

"But certainly, we want our play to be between the whistles and we want our execution and our effort to be what's talked about."

There was also an additional scuffle after the game between Ole Miss' Matt Corral and Mississippi State's Jamal Peters. After the altercation, Ole Miss deputy athletic director Michael Thompson interrupted the Bulldogs' postgame midfield celebration and called a player a "thug," according to Mike Sands of FOX 40 News in Jackson, Mississippi.

Moorehead responded to Thompson's statement, claiming he was "the one trying to diffuse the situation, not their big mouth f****** AD."

Just another chapter in one of the SEC's most heated rivalries.