Watch the Moment This Lost Baby Goat Is Finally Reunited With His Worried Family

A very kind Reddit user helped to reunite a baby goat with his family after the tiny mammal got stuck in a pit. After a rescue mission took place, the humans spotted a pack of goats and the result is the most heartwarming video you'll see all day.

Reddit user u/kdearceo shared the moment on the site's r/aww subreddit, where it was widely praised by thousands of users. Comments on the post are expansive, as are awards on the post, which has been upvoted nearly 70,000 times at the time of publishing. And it's with good reason: The goat family definitely deserves the wholesome award after what the kid went through.

"We found a kid goat trapped in a pit yesterday," u/kdearceo wrote. "Took care of it overnight and decided to find the owner but to no avail. Instead, we found a group of goats with the same white fur on top of their heads so we tried to put him on the ground. Ninja chopping onions moment."

The video picks up there. The baby goat stands alone, calling to the distant pack of goats that may or may not be his family. He hangs his head and sniffs the ground, while seemingly trying to contact the group ahead. They respond with noises that the kid eventually recognizes.

Baby goat
A goat and a kid graze in a Dabieshan Mountain Area field April 2, 2006, in Macheng of Hubei Province, China. Getty/China Photos/Getty Images

After a few moments of uncertainty, the baby begins sprinting toward the pack ahead. With a bounce in his step, it's clear the goat has recognized the group. And they've recognized him, too. One goat steps in front of the others, and it looks visibly excited. The baby retreats under the larger goat's legs, seemingly hungry for milk from his mother. We get why u/kdearceo called it a "chopping onions" moment.

"Literally made me cry!" u/kdearceo added in the comments below the clip. "This baby was crying all night but it was too dark when we saw her trapped in the pit near our house. Took us a good hour or so to search within the empty part of our village before we saw this group of goats. Really heart fulfilling moment here."

They also revealed the goat didn't appear to have any injuries. Newsweek reached out to the poster for further comment.

Reddit users were thrilled to see the video, as well as to know the kid was back in the safe company of his family. Comments even aimed to get inside the goat's conversations as they were reunited. U/SoDakZak joked it may not have been the mother standing in front. "Dad: "SON, SON! I'm happy to see you too, but your mother is back there!"

Others warned Reddit commenters that the only way to watch the video is with the sound on. "I watched it with the sound off and was like yeah that's cute," said u/ishavedmypitsforthis. "I turned the sound on and watched it again and now I am ugly crying. When he finally hears his mom yell back you feel his sense of excitement and relief!"

The original poster claimed to have more videos of the goats' reunion, so we'll wait patiently to see what they get up to as a group, now that their family is whole again.

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