Watch The Moment a Toddler Playing Fetch Grabs a Snake Instead of a Stick

This little boy accidentally threw a snake for his dog in the viral OMG moment of the century. While innocently playing fetch, the toddler mistook a snake for a stick, and you have to see it all unfold.

The video starts off incredibly sweet. A father is teaching his child how to play fetch with their very energetic and playful dog. The dad encourages the son to throw a stick toward the dog, so the dog can, sometimes, bring it back. The child follows suit and appears to like the idea. He looks for something else to throw to the dog, and chooses a large, black snake.

It's unclear if the child thought the snake was a stick, or just something interesting for the dog to fetch. What's spooky about the video is that the child picks the snake up with little concern, and holds it casually for a few moments before deciding to throw it. The dog is even confused by the unique selection and ends up in a staredown with the reptile. Meanwhile, the father, appropriately, freaks out.

"Gosh damn, that was a f******—how the—Asher!" Between laughs, the dad follows up: "He just went and straight-up picked it up."

Black Snake
A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue in Australia in 2017. Getty/Jono Searle

Maybe the son is a snake charmer in training, or he could have just remained completely oblivious to the events that transpired. What's potentially most impressive about the video, though, is the toddler's pacifier stayed in his mouth the entire time. The child was completely unbothered.

The video has been shared by a variety of sources online. We found it to share via @ViralHog on Twitter, but folks on TikTok and elsewhere have already reposted the insane family bonding moment. Reactions to the video are uniformly shocked.

While we're no snake experts, it appears the pick may have been something like a Southern Black Racer or a Black Rat Snake. Both types of black, sizeable snakes are non-venomous and native to America. We think it's probably a good guess that the snake was harmless, though intimidating, due to the father's laughter and ability to keep filming the snake vs dog interaction.

Regardless, the video is one that will likely be passed down through generations because of how wild it truly is. We know this child will grow up to hear stories, over and over, of the time he threw a snake his own size to the dog, and we hope he thinks it's as iconic as we do.

Updated 6/30/2020, 11:00 p.m. ET: This article was updated to include a new link to the video.