Watch a Nurse Pull a Four-Foot Snake Out of a Woman's Throat

Here at Newsweek, we've written about basement snakes, middle of the night snakes, slithering in your bedroom snakes, even a toilet filled with snakes. But never have we ever written about a person with a snake stuck in their throat...until now.

Tuesday, a video allegedly captured a completely wild surgical moment and subsequently went viral. The footage captured a procedure to remove something from a woman's throat. That "thing" was a four-foot-long snake that allegedly slithered into her open mouth while she was sleeping.

The woman was allegedly brought to the hospital after becoming unconscious. What ensued was a medical marvel and a video that will haunt you for years to come. That is, if you can manage to make it through the whole thing.

زحف عبر فمها أثناء نومها.. فيديو مروع للحظة سحب ثعبان من حلق امرأةالبيان_القارئ_دائما

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The video shows an absolutely shocked nurse quickly pull a snake out of the woman's mouth. While the person filming the rescue mission laughs, others in the ER room aren't as pleased with the fact that now, they're left to not only resuscitate the woman but rehome a snake that may or may not still be living.

A King Cobra is displayed to the public at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm on August 2, 2016, in Bristol, England. Getty/Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Commenters didn't seem to understand the logistics of the snake slithering down the woman's throat, either. Many Twitter users were concerned about how the woman was able to stay asleep while a reptile slithered down her throat. Some suggested her body would naturally react, either through a cough or through waking her up entirely. Others questioned why the snake would choose an open mouth as a hiding place, to begin with.

Unfortunately, this isn't a totally isolated incident. Not what you were hoping for, right?

A New York Times article from 1864 explained the story of a woman living with a snake in her stomach. The story noted that the woman spent four years with the snake growing inside her, causing her major discomfort daily. Apparently, the snake was a fine guest within her as long as she continued to consume the food it enjoyed. Without food, though, the woman described being strangled from within.

Thankfully, while this wasn't the first time a person reported a snake in their stomach, it's also not something that happens everyday. You're far more likely to be bitten by a snake, something that happens to 5.4 million people every year, than you are to actually ingest one yourself. Funny how that's not actually all that much more reassuring, now isn't it?