Watch N.Y. Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Gift Stephen Colbert Fake Bag of Weed on 'Late Show'

New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams recently appeared on The Late Show and gifted host Stephen Colbert with a fake bag of weed.

"I got a little gift bag for you," Adams told Colbert. "Well, first of all, a couple of things in here. A blanket, if you go to Times Square and you want to wrap up with your boo, you can do it with your blanket."

Adams then pulled rolling papers out of the bag and said, "One of my best gifts, as you know marijuana is legal. I have Raw, I have Bamboo."

Adams then pulled out what appeared to be a bag of weed saying, "I can't give you this gift, I'll give it to you later."

Laughs and applause can be heard from the crowd, while Colbert chimed in and jokingly said that he didn't know marijuana was legal. "I'm not aware Mr. Mayor. I'm not into that scene," Colbert said.

According to the New York Post, Adams' spokesperson, Evan Thies said, "Marijuana is legal, and Eric supports its safe personal use," but noted that Adams did not purchase any weed to bring on the show.

Newsweek reached out to Adams' spokesperson for further comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

During his appearance on The Late Show, Adams also spoke about the nightlife in New York City as Colbert brought up his sighting at the Zero Bond night club on election night.

In response, Adams said that he not only went to Zero Bond but also appeared at Casa Cipriani and Brooklyn's Sugar Hill.

"I am the mayor. This is the city of nightlife. I must test the product, I have to be out," Adams said. "[New York City] used to be the coolest place on the globe. We're so damn boring now. We gotta be among the people enjoying life. I want the cross-pollination of our energy and the diversity of this city. We have some beautiful places in this city, so, I'm going to be out."

As Adams noted during his appearance on The Late Show, marijuana was recently legalized for recreational use in New York. In March, former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that allows New York residents to possess up to three ounces of marijuana.

Prior to his victory over Republican nominee Curtis Sliwa in the city's governor race, Adams expressed support for the legalization of marijuana saying "bring the joints" at a news conference in September.

"You know, it's time. Let's get this done," Adams said in regard to Governor Kathy Hochul picking nominees for the state's Office of Cannabis Management and Cannabis Control Board. "But let's be smart in the process. We should not send a signal out to students, people who operate heavy devices or people who are doing and making decisions that are life-threatening or life-saving—we should not state it's OK to smoke cannabis."

Eric Adams
New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams recently gifted The Late Show host Stephen Colbert a bag of fake weed and rolling papers. Above, Adams speaks onstage at the 25th Anniversary of "Chicago" on Broadway at the Ambassador Theater on November 16 in New York City. Bruce Glikas/Getty