Watch: Texas Home Explosion Captured on Video by Doorbell Security Camera

A doorbell camera in Plano, Texas captured a neighbor's view of a house suddenly exploding on Monday, resulting in injuries to six people.

The sudden blast, which Plano Fire-Rescue investigators have determined was likely caused by an isolated gas leak, immediately annihilated the house. A man who lives directly across the street shared a video of the explosion, captured by his Ring doorbell camera, with local news station WFAA.

A loud boom can be heard in the video as debris falls near the camera. A cloud of smoke and debris then moves down the street. The neighbor said the incident was "a disaster" and told the outlet that authorities had forbidden him from entering his own home due to damage that it sustained from across the street.

Emergency dispatchers began to receive 911 calls about the explosion at 4:40 p.m. local time on Monday, with callers saying that the home was "completely gone" following the explosion, according to a Plano Fire-Rescue release obtained by Newsweek.

One injured person inside the home now-destroyed home at the time of the blast was rescued from the debris pile before being transported to the hospital. The other five injured people, including three children, all lived in a neighboring home that "sustained extreme structural damage."

Hospital officials told CBS affiliate KWTX that one of the adult victims is in critical condition, while the other two are in serious condition. The status of the injured children is unclear, although a neighbor told news station KDFW that she witnessed the children walking into an ambulance without assistance.

Plano's fire marshal emphasized that the blast was caused by an isolated leak and "no other homes are in danger." More time will be needed to uncover where the gas leak was located inside the home. Investigators say that severe damage to the home will complicate the investigation.

The preliminary determination that the explosion was caused by a gas leak happened after bomb-sniffing dogs were brought to the scene of the blast and failed to detect any explosives. If a gas leak is the cause, the source of ignition remains unclear.

Neighbors say that the explosion happened as a violent thunderstorm hit the area. Some speculated that the explosion could have been caused by a lightning strike.

"I just happened to be looking out my window right as it happened and it was a big flash of bright light," neighbor Taylor Reddick told KDFW. "It had been lightninging a lot already, and I just saw a huge black smoke go up and debris go flying in the air. It all happened very fast."

"It felt like a bomb going off," Reddick added. "The whole house rumbled. Some of our ceiling kind of rattled and what not and there was dust and everything that kind of fell. It was pretty serious."

Doorbell Camera House Explosion Gas Leak Video
A doorbell camera captured the moment that a house was destroyed in a sudden explosion in Plano, Texas on Monday. This photo shows a doorbell camera from the security company Ring installed on a door in Silver Spring, Maryland on August 28, 2019. Chip Somodevilla/Getty