Watch This Adorable Cat Live Out The Pottery Wheel Scene From 'Ghost'

Reddit users are no strangers to adorable animals, as you can plainly see given the site's copious offerings of critters. Some of those animals are cuddly, cute and undeniably silly. Others give major attitude. But a cat's viral video shared to the site is proving that some animals are also inherently talented.

The r/aww community is all warm and fuzzy today because of this artistic feline who lent a paw to their owner's pottery project.

The video was posted by u/CommonSchemeForYou on Monday and has since received nearly 82,000 upvotes as of publishing. That, and a few awards: Gold, Silver and one that certifies the post as wholesome.

In the adorable scene, a man is carefully throwing a pot on a pottery wheel. While he pinches the clay, the sweet cat decides they'd like to try, too. As it spins, the cat delicately touches the clay. Sure, there's a chance this cat is just trying to figure out what's going on. But we have a hunch it's actually looking for a new creative outlet.

Needless to say, commenters were thrilled with the video.

"I enjoy how gentle he is being. He totally could have slammed his little paw in there and gotten stuck," u/RubyCaper wrote. "Of course, that would have resulted in a paw mark on the side of the bowl, and I'm not mad at that."

Cats participate in the GCCF Supreme Show at NEC Arena on October 27, 2018, in Birmingham, England. Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage/Getty

Another questioned how the cat was so respectful to the man's masterpiece-in-progress. "How do you get a cat to care about the things you care about like this?" questioned u/1blockologist. "Like most cats seem to just mess things up intentionally. "And other times you see a cat being careful and reserving its blitzkreig [sic] for the wildlife outdoors, but knowing to play gently with your other pets like birds and weak things."

A fitting response reasoned. "That or he's trying to wreck the cup before it ever makes it to the counter. He was sent from the future to destroy the leader before he was hardened and made indestructible in the fire," wrote u/EmEmPeriwinkle.

Others claimed this piece of art is incredibly valuable given the cat's help. One even reflected on similar pieces throughout history. "I love little accidental paw prints, sometimes you'll see ancient kitty prints from Egypt or someplace, and the idea of cats just catting throughout history gives me the warm and fuzzies," said u/Writ_inwater.

Unfortunately, there's no further information on this creative cat, so it's fair to say it may be a one-hit-wonder. That, or soon we'll witness the rise of an unconventional artist who's undeniably cute.