Watch This Adorable Dog Stop in His Tracks When His Soldier Comes Home for the Holidays

There's no place like home for the holidays, and this dog is especially excited to have his soldier back. In a video circulating on Reddit, a soldier surprised his German Shepard when he entered the house, and unconditional love ensued. The 42-second clip shows the pup literally stop in his tracks and skid on the floor before leaping into the soldier's arms. Everything is perfect as far as the doggo is concerned.

At one point in the video, presumably the soldier's child comes into frame. "Daddy," they say, but the father has his arms full of the giant dog. Towards the end of the clip, the father embraces the child too, and the German Shepherd squeezes his way back into the soldier's arms.

Reddit loved the heartwarming reunion. "Dogs are so loyal and full of joy. They don't forget people they love," one person gushed. "German Shepherds are too pure for this world, another added.

"He went full Scooby Doo," a third joked, referencing the way the cartoon Great Dane jumps into Shaggy's arms.

German Shepherd
Brent N. Clarke/Getty

Others enjoyed the dog's stopping and skidding on the floor upon seeing the soldier. "Dogs on slippy [sic] floors will never not be funny!" someone said. "I heard figurative tires screeching," another added.

"If there was a carpet, the dog's traction would have led to him bumping the guy out of the house," a third noted.

One user recalled being what a colleague said about missing his four-legged friend. "Direct quote from one of the guys I was deployed with: 'I really miss my dogs. And my kids too, I guess...'" they wrote.

Someone else posited whether or not the soldier reunited with his family first, since the son appeared left out of the big moment. "They probably picked him up or met him at base. So they saw him and got home while he got his gear. The whole family was waiting for the dog moment," one posited, which would make sense.

"As the guy is already in the house with no bag etc; It looks like the kid and mom(?) have already greeted the soldier and have set up the camera for calling the dog through," another added. "So the dad's not ignoring the kid, he's already seen and greeted him."

"The kid would've been at the welcome home ceremony and already saw his dad," a third chimed in. "It's likely not his first time seeing his son but first time for the dog."