Watch This Adorable Husky Dog Whisper Sweet Nothings to His Favorite Toy

Sometimes all you need is a cute dog video to turn your day around, like the one of this delightful husky.

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, one Redditor shared a video of a husky laying on its back, holding a stuffed toy. In the 20-second clip, the dog has its eyes locked on the toy as it lifts it up and down. At the beginning, it looks like the dog says something to its little friend (unfortunately, there is no sound on the video to confirm what was said). Towards the end, it places the dog on its side.

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The Reddit universe loved the playful husky. "He's playing airplane," one person suggested. "I was going to say the same thing! I used to play that with my baby cousins. I didn't drop them afterward, though. LMAO," another added.

"Aren't they cute when they learn to entertain themselves?" a third asked. "I just wanna know what's going on in this pupper's head while he was doing that," one Redditor commented.

One person recalled when a similar thing happened with their dog. "My dog did that when i got her her first stuffed toy cat. She bounced it up and down," they wrote. "She looked at me brough[t] it down and popped and eye off of it then grinned. So we opted out of getting a cat and have a second dog."

A Siberian Husky rests in the pit during a sled dog sprint at the European championship in central Slovakia's resort of Donovaly on February 12, 2010. JOE KLAMAR/AFP via Getty Images

Some Redditors tried to figure out exactly what the husky was holding. "There were a long few first seconds when I didn't know what I was looking at. I mean I knew it was an animal, but that was about it," one noted. "Try looking just at the tip of his hind leg and see if you can see it as something other than as a dog."

Another said: "Yeah, I had to open it to see what animal has such a weird skinny neck and head." Folks were split between whether the toy was a giraffe or bird with a long neck. The verdict? Whatever the stuffed toy was, it was definitely getting tons of love.

Some joked that it looked like the husky was using the toy as a weight, as though they were working out. "Dog-go to the gym," one person wrote. "Yes, those triceps speak for themselves," another joked.

Perhaps the most relatable comment for dog lovers and apartment-occupying folks was: "Husky in an apartment. Pretty bold of the owner."

"Small space, big ball of less-than-graceful energy," another agreed.