Watch This Man Save a Baby Swan While Its Over-Protective Mother Tries To Interfere

This man seems to fear nothing — including the protective swan trying to attack him while he saves her baby.

A Reddit user uploaded a video of a kind stranger helping a baby swan caught in a fence on Tuesday. As the man helps guide the cygnet through the wire fence, its mother becomes agitated and tries to take over. "Man saves a baby swan while (sic) it's mom is being a mama!" the video was titled. Fortunately, the cygnet was untangled from the fence and left unscathed — as was the very polite man.

In the 57-second-long clip, the youngster's rescuer, who appears to be British, gently helps a baby swan who got caught in a fence surrounding a pond. The man squats next to it, and is hit by the mother swan. "Don't be silly, stop it," the man tells the swan.

The swan hops into the water while the man untangles the baby. "They're such protective parents" he notes, "they're so good." The cygnet cries while the man gently pushes it through the fence, and pulls it through the other side. He then places the cygnet back into the water, where it is eagerly reunited with its mother and other baby swans.

The mother flaps its wings at the man before swimming off, and the man seems proud of his work.

Swans and cygnets are released back onto the river after being weighed and tagged during the annual Swan Upping census on July 14, 2014 on the River Thames, South West London. Getty/Dan Kitwood

Redditors were delighted by the clip, especially knowing how overprotective and vicious swans can be. "Swans are incredibly protective of their cygnets. Once saw a swan break the oar of a someone who rowed to close to the nest. I'm glad she didn't think he was hurting her baby," one user wrote.

"Given how mean swans can actually attack, she obviously permitted the man to help as she knew her child was in a dangerous situation," another said. "The only thing she kept doing was showing an aggressive posture with her wings (that just makes her look bigger, she would attack if the beak not wings)."

"I love that man. He was so gentle, too. I just love him," a third commented.

According to Sheila Bolin, an international swan expert, the species are not aggressive, but are defensive. "They protect their nests and young just as an alligator or other species would but they're not (by nature) aggressive," she said via HuffPost.

Others noted how the man worked tirelessly to help the baby swan, despite its mother's pushback. "Flapping her wings at him and hissing to also tell him she does not completely trust him. He took that in his stride. There is good within this world."

"This man is clearly a hero. And I never thought I'd say that of someone who could say 'Don't have a go at me' to a swan with such indignation," another chimed in.

"Only someone from the UK would scold a swan for not being polite," a third quipped.