Watch This Snake Befriend His Rat Dinner Instead of Eating Him

Two unlikely best friends are filling Internet users with joy as their cuddle session goes viral. A snake was given his daily meal—a living mouse—but instead of eating it, the reptile allowed the rodent to use his scaly back as a pillow.

A video of the cozy animal encounter has been liked over 1.4 million times on TikTok by users who can't believe how adorable the odd pair are. The scene was originally posted in May, but the video continues to gain traction as the snake's wholesome pardoning is a favorite on the video app.

While there are plenty of snake owners who share footage of their pets on the platform, this is the most wholesome video we've seen in some time.

@sheltercatmell, the snake's owner was amused by the moment, their commentary narrating the unusual occurrence. "My snake not doing the snake thing," They wrote as the video caption. And they're right: the snake is certainly not feasting on the small, furry creature. Instead, they've decided to nap.

Commentary from the TikToker can be heard on the video. "He's sleeping on you," they begin. "Like, what? You're supposed to eat it!" Laughter ensues as the camera pans to show the comfiest mouse snuggled up on the snake's back. "Well, at least you got a cuddle buddy."

snake and mouse
Diska Putra, holds a mouse and one of his snakes at home on June 10, 2011, in Bintan, Indonesia. Yuli Seperi/Getty Images/Getty

It's safe to say no one in the comments wants to see the snake, named Cinnabon, get hungry now that the adorable moment has taken place. Commenters basked in the cute nature of the friendship and celebrated the snake's decision to keep a friend around. One of the leading points in the comments suggested both the snake and the mouse are too cute to see harmed. Viewers advocated for @sheltercatmell to keep the mouse as a second pet.

As with all Internet content, though, hate was delivered to the TikToker, too. Some didn't love the idea that the snake owner was willing to feed any living animal to their pet, while others claimed mice that remain alive and uneaten can pose harm to snakes, too, by snacking on the snake's skin.

An update on both animal's health and happiness was issued shortly after the original. @sheltercatmell revealed the snake and mouse were alive and well, and now reside in different enclosures. The mouse was named Mocha and lives happily alone, just in case the snake gets hungry.

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