Video Captures Incredible Moment Rare Baby Snake Hatches From Egg

A zoo has shared "amazing" footage of the moment a baby snake hatches out of its egg.

The footage, shared by Chester Zoo in the U.K., shows how a snake breaks out of the side of its egg before exploring its enclosure, forked tongue flicking in and out.

The baby snake is a Moellendorff's Rat Snake—a species marked with striking colours that change along the length of its body, from green to red with dark markings, according to EcologyAsia.

However, perhaps partly due to their strong coloration this snake species is threatened by exploitation.

Some are used for food, some for medicine, and some for fashion according to Los Angeles pet store Painted Reptile.

The species is native to China and Northern Vietnam, and while captive bred individuals are sometimes available, imported specimens are reported to have low survival rates.

So Chester Zoo reacted positively when it revealed the footage of the baby Moellendorff's Rat Snake emerging from its egg in an Instragram post, seen below.

"These babies are cause for celebration as this incredible species is under threat from habitat loss and their skin being used to make bags and shoes," the zoo wrote. "How amazing is it to see these baby snakes emerging from their eggs?"

Users were similarly enamoured with the footage of the baby emerging from its shell, with one calling the video "absolutely adorable."

"Good to see some snake representation," wrote another. "They're often overlooked but are fantastic animals."

The footage was originally shot by British documentary programme The Secret Life of the Zoo, which is filmed on location at Chester Zoo and follows the relationships between the animals at the facility and their keepers.

The way in which snakes give birth is not consistent across all snake species.

Some snakes, such as boa constrictors, give birth to live young, meaning they are viviparous. Others 'hatch' eggs inside their body and then give birth to live young afterwards. These are known as ovoviviparous snakes.

And some lay eggs as a bird would. These snakes are known as oviparous, and the Moellendorff's Rat Snake is one such type.

It's not the first time that a zoo has celebrated the rare birth of an animal this year.

Back in May, Australia's Taronga Zoo in Sydney introduced a rare short-beaked echidna baby—known as a puggle—in a Facebook video.

The zoo told Reuters that echidnas are hard to breed in zoos because of a complex courtship ritual that means males are only needed at very specific times.

Snake coming out of an egg
A stock photo shows a snake—not the snake in the video—coming out of an egg. The way in which snakes give birth can vary between species. Michel VIARD/Getty