Water Gushes From Tree Being Cut Down in Viral Video Viewed Over 13M Times

A viral video of water pouring from the center of a rotting tree that is being cut down has been viewed over 13 million times on TikTok.

The footage, captured by Michael Adams, who describes himself as a "Residential Tree Climber," shows a water-logged tree being felled. In the video, Adams said it had been gushing with water for at least a minute before he started filming.


this thing was pouring like this for a minute before I started filming. it was a first for me #treework #treeclimber #treeclimbing

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The video shows brown water spraying from where the arborist has cut a section from it. One of the tree surgeons can be seen clearing debris from the hole with a stick as more and more water pours from it.

"That's crazy," one person can be heard saying in the 56-second clip. "[It's a] waterfall." As the water stops flowing, they say: "That's something else right there."

Adams, from Birmingham, Alabama, said this was the first time he had seen a tree gushing with water.

In a subsequent video, he showed the center of the tree after it had been cut down, with a well of water in the root. Adams touches the water as his colleague chainsaws the trunk in the background.

In this post, he explained what had happened to the sweet gum tree, saying: "[A] cavity at the top that caused the tree to slowly rot from inside out causing it to slowly fill up over time."

Sweet gums are found across North America. They are deciduous trees and can grow up to 70 feet high, with their trunks growing up to around four feet wide.

Trees are constantly sucking up water from the ground. However, water pouring out of a tree is not normal. In another, similar video posted in December 2020, lumberjacks chopping up a tree that had fallen down on a trail in Mallie, Kentucky, filmed as gallons of water spewing from the trunk. It is thought this tree had died before it had fallen over and had been rotting from the inside. The MailOnline reported the crown had been lying at the bottom of an incline. This had allowed water to pool inside.

Another video of a tree gushing water went viral in 2018. This mulberry tree in Montenegro had water pouring from it because of an unusual natural phenomenon, The Weather Channel reported. Heavy rainfall had caused underground springs to become flooded. The pressure had pushed the water up into the tree roots where it was expelled through a hollow in the trunk.

sweet gum trees
Stock photo of sweet gum trees in the fall. A TikTok user has shared footage of a sweet gum gushing with water from a cut in its trunk. Getty Images