'We Aren't Moving': Debate as Mom Demands Woman Give Up Shady Spot for Baby

A woman has sparked a debate after she refused to give up her perfectly-located table to a pushy parent with a toddler.

In a viral post shared on the U.K.-discussion website Mumsnet, which can be seen here, user dosmamasttadopt said she and her wife had managed to get two great tables overlooking a river complete with umbrellas.

When her wife went inside to order, a mother with a toddler in a baby stroller and asked if they could move tables so she could sit with her child and husband when he arrived.

The woman refused and exclaimed that she would not give up the table as it was "a really nice spot."

Stock image of a woman sitting down
Stock image of a woman sitting down drinking coffee. A woman has sparked a debate after she refused to give up her perfectly-located table to a pushy parent with a toddler. Getty

She posted: "I was getting more embarrassed and felt like a crank. An older couple a few tables down offered their table and they would move to the two-seater. She said no she specifically needs this table for the buggy [stroller] to be out of the way and so she could sit and be next to the baby as she slept.

"I again kind of shrugged and said I'm sorry but no we aren't moving. She shook her head at me looked around the courtyard a bit longer and then grabbed the toddler and left.

The woman continued: "My wife came back with the food, I told her what happened and she was chuffed [delighted] that I stood my ground. I was too full of adrenaline to really enjoy the scones or even the nice picnic table, flowing river and sunshine.

"I was fuming [angry] that I was put in that position. Two childless women are pretty much invisible in society's eyes and it really annoyed me."

She later said: "We passed her out the front on the way out she was at a picnic table but it was in the shade next to the car park. The baby was still asleep and buggy [stroller] was right next to their table out of the way.

"So she actually got what she wanted anyway. If that's what is was, or if it was the entire sunshine/river view she wanted. She just fumed/stared at us as we passed, she obviously pointed us out to her husband who looked around at us but didn't really let on."

The post clearly hit a nerve as 502 people responded since it was shared Wednesday.

While many hit out against the entitlement of the woman, there were some who sympathized with her situation.

One person stated: "You did the right thing. She embarrassed herself by carrying on trying to guilt you into moving. Don't worry about it."

Another added: "YANBU [you are not being unreasonable], your wife is right to be chuffed that you stood your ground. That woman was incredibly rude and entitled. She wouldn't have asked a man to move."

While a third posted: "She sounds pushy and should have accepted your answer straight away. You need to learn not to let others upset you so much but I know it's hard."

A fourth commenter said: "Honestly if it was me I would have probably moved.
I think you've projected things onto this scenario that are unfair.

"She wanted a safe shaded spot for her baby to sleep in a buggy and asked you. You refused but quite telling another couple offered to do what you wouldn't."

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