We Must Act Now To Stop China's Growing Military Prowess | Opinion

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a brutal adversary and a direct threat to America and the rest of the world. The evil communist regime has crippled the economies of its competitors while building a militaristic powerhouse primed for conquest at a moment's notice. That motive has been apparent with the CCP's most recent actions.

Over the summer, the CCP reportedly took a significant step in its obsessive quest to become the world's dominant technological and militaristic superpower when it tested a hypersonic weapon designed to evade traditional defense systems. Rather than coexist peacefully with the other nations of the world, the CCP has made it clear that it intends to instill fear in neighboring nations while threatening the safety and security of its perceived competitors.

The CCP's intentions became even more obvious with the recent news that it is accelerating development of its nuclear arsenal. A recent Pentagon report found that China "is likely seeking to quadruple its number of nuclear warheads by 2030," according to Axios. But the CCP's nefarious plans appear to go much deeper than simply building out its nuclear arsenal.

The Pentagon report stated that the CCP's goal is to "'fight and win wars' against a 'strong enemy,'" likely meaning the United States. The Pentagon also elaborated that the CCP appears to be preparing for a future invasion of Taiwan. With the communist country increasing its nuclear arsenal and militaristic capabilities, Chinese officials are probably preparing for the U.S. to intervene. Unless the U.S. acts decisively right now, we may not be prepared for when the CCP finally decides to strike a blow to Taiwan.

In reality, Joe Biden and his administration have now had plenty of time to prepare for a potential threat. But for 10 months, they have done nothing as the CCP's actions have harmed America and our allies.

The CCP unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic and lied about it time and time again as the world suffered. The global economy—including America—took a catastrophic hit due to the CCP's failure to control the virus and simply be honest with the world about how quickly the virus was spreading. Well over half a million Americans have died so far, as a result.

Chinese military
Chinese stated media on Friday warned of a "military showdown" between the U.S. and China over Taiwan. Members of the Chinese military march on Tiananmen Square before a celebration marking the 100th founding anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party on July 1 in Beijing, China Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

However, rather than take a firm stand against the CCP, Biden has appeared content with China growing as a superpower. The president has not overseen any meaningful actions against the country since taking office.

This is where America's tech sector has thankfully stepped up. To be sure, we conservatives have very legitimate, major gripes with the tech industry. But it is also important to recognize that many in the tech world have taken a stand against the CCP.

In order for social media companies to have access to the Chinese market, they must adhere to the censorship that the CCP demands. This often includes censoring negative opinions against the CCP, religious texts or even independent reporting. Microsoft recently stood against the CCP's demand to censor users on its LinkedIn platform, and it made the decision to completely remove the platform from the Chinese market.

Even much-maligned Facebook has taken some measures to condemn the CCP's influence here in America. In recent years, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has notably called out the CCP's authoritarian policies. It appears some of our tech companies are performing the work that the Biden administration refuses to do.

The CCP is a dangerous enemy that cannot be taken lightly. China appears to be preparing for a potential battle down the road. And while no one wants a war that would result in countless lives lost, we must be prepared for any threat. If Biden and his administration were serious about protecting America, they would have already held China responsible for its actions that have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead Americans and have cost millions of Americans their livelihoods. The current administration is obligated to do all it can, including working with the oft-criticized American tech sector, to keep China at bay.

Boris Epshteyn is a Newsweek columnist and the founder and president of Georgetown Advisory consulting group. He previously served as a special assistant to President Donald Trump.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.