Wearables: The Ultimate Black Friday Bling

The Apple Watch is the most popular and most critically acclaimed smartwatch on the market, but there are great alternatives—and even better discounts—to consider this Black Friday. Toby Melville/Reuters

Forget your smartphone. With the rise of wearable technology, you can now take calls, receive texts and play music all on your timepiece. As a fashion accessory, wearables are as 21st century as they come. The market for these devices is still small, but from the Apple Watch to the latest Fitbit, here are some products that will make your wrist bedazzle—at a discount.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch ($100; AT&T)

This device has long been a "low-risk, medium-reward gadget." But on this Black Friday, the $50 discount makes it even more appealing. With its black-and-white display, the Pebble Steel blends more than it stands out. But with an extraordinary battery life (you can go a week without charging) and robust software, it's a good, simple smartwatch for the practically inclined.

Fitbit Charge HR Wristband ($120; Target)

Before smartwatches became synonymous with wearables, activity trackers like Fitbit dominated the market. If you're trying to sweat with swag, Fitbit's Charge HR wristband may be for you. Originally $150, it's now $30 off—not a bad deal for those inclined to measure their biometrics before, during and after a brutal set of burpees. Just make sure you bring a towel.

Pebble Time Smartwatch ($130; Target)

The more colorful cousin of Pebble Steel, this smartwatch is one of the few on the market that rivals Apple. With a battery life that can last up to five days without charging and software that's compatible with both Apple iOS and Android, Pebble Time is good option for the holidays.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch ($130; Best Buy)

Looks aren't everything, and this smartwatch is a prime example. Yes, its plastic exterior isn't aesthetically pleasing, but don't be fooled: The Samsung Gear 2 Neo gives you just about everything you want from a smartwatch, from long battery life to powerful software. Priced with a $70 discount, it's also a good deal.

Apple Watch ($500; Best Buy)

Starting Tuesday, Best Buy announced an early discount promotion, which will knock $50 off the Apple Watch Sport and $100 off the original Apple Watch. The device still isn't cheap, but it's the most complete smartwatch on the market, thanks to its iOS software and "Taptic touch" feature, which notifies you about texts, emails and phone calls by gently tapping your wrist. And because Apple rarely offers a discount online or at its stores, this is probably the best deal you're going to get.