Weber Spirit SX-315: Taking the Guesswork Out of Grilling

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill
The Weber Spirit SX-315 is an excellent grill, and the smart grill features make it easy to grill great food. Josh Smith

Typically, grilling involves a lot of guesswork and monitoring. If you are an occasional griller, you'll also be wondering when your steak, chicken or other items are done.

The Weber Spirit SX-315 solves some of the biggest grilling problems with temperature sensors and app integration that enables it to deliver the perfect dinner.

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You'll pay a $200 premium for a smart Weber grill, but testing shows it's worth the cost of entry to avoid overcooking food and being tied to the grill while you are cooking.

To start my test, I picked up filet mignon and asparagus and decided to tackle a tough challenge—making the perfect steak for my girlfriend, who is very selective about steak.

With the help of the temperature probe, grill temp and Weber Connect app, I grilled the perfect rare steak, including resting time, on the first try.

The Weber Spirit SX-315 smart grill is available at Weber, Ace Hardware, Amazon, BBQGuys and Home Depot for $849.99.

Setup and Design

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill
The Weber Spirit SX-315 is easy to set up and looks much like a traditional grill. Josh Smith

The Weber Spirit SX-315 is relatively easy to put together and set up. The smart aspect of this grill does mean that you need to run a few wires while assembling it, but nothing is too complicated.

It took me a few hours to assemble, mostly by myself. There are a few steps where you should have a second person help lift a part into place or hold a part while you screw things together. If you've put together a grill before or can follow directions, you shouldn't have any problems.

The design is nice, with plenty of room for assembly and for installing a propane tank. Most of the smart grill parts are contained in two pieces, one under the grill and a control module on the right shelf.

The two shelves offer a good place to set food or spices while you are grilling. In addition, there are hooks to hold utensils on one shelf. I wish there was a little under-grill storage, but that is a common limitation to most gas grills.

After putting the grill together, I connected it to my phone and home Wi-Fi, then installed the latest update to the grill system. The amount of time this takes will vary based on your internet connection.

You can also use the grill just like a standard Weber grill, without the smart features, so if someone in your house doesn't want to use the app or temperature probes, they can still grill.

Features and Specs

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill
The built-in display shows you the grill temperature and the internal temperature, as well as propane levels and connectivity. Josh Smith

The Weber Spirit SX-315 specs include:

  • Primary grilling space: 424 square inches
  • Warming rack: 105 square inches
  • Accommodates up to 15 burgers
  • Three temperature control zones
  • Meat-probe capacity: two (one included)
  • Input: 32,000 BTU-per-hour
  • Measures 45.5-inches by x 49.5-inches by 24 inches, with the lid closed
  • Propane and natural gas models available


Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill
The temperature probe allows you to monitor the cooking process and achieve the perfect level of doneness each time. Weber

The grill heats up fast, and you can see the current grill temperature on a digital display on the right shelf. This is much nicer than the analog-style thermometer on many grills. However, it is important to note that you can't set a target temperature for the grill itself, so you may need to fine-tune the adjustment knobs to get the right temperature.

You can use the included temperature probe to know when your meal is ready, or you can combine the probe and the Weber Connect app to get detailed directions and notifications while you grill.

The Weber Connect app includes recipes as well as cook programs. I rely on the cook programs for most of my grilling, which covers basic prep, and grilling instructions, including temperature and indirect heat times. The programs include: red meat, pork, poultry, lamb and fish. The recipe section covers the same foods. You can also use the app to set a target internal temp or set a timer.

The smart features and app integrations work very well. For example, I used the cook program to prepare our steaks, get the grill temperature to the right range, prepped the steaks and inserted the probe.

From there, I started the cooking program and put the steak on the grill. The app shows the current food temperature and grill temperature at a glance. The display on the grill also shows this information, so you can see it at a glance near the grill or on your phone if you step away.

Weber Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill
The Weber Connect app guides you through grilling the perfect meal. Josh Smith

The app notifies you to flip the steak at the right temperature and then again when you should move to indirect heat. Once the internal temperature hits the right level, the app notifies you to remove the steaks and to let them rest.

Without a smart grill, I would normally open the grill to check the temperature several times while cooking. I still end up adjusting the knobs on the grill to keep the overall temperature in the right range, since the grill temperature is not automated on the Spirit SX-315.

I put all faith in the Weber Connect app for this test, and I was blown away by the results. The Weber smart grill cooked both filet mignons perfectly to rare. As a result, I made a complete meal on the grill with little worry about any of the processes.

I do wish the grill came with two temperature probes. If you want a second for grilling to different doneness levels, you can buy one for $14.99. The Spirit SX-315 supports two probes.

The app isn't set up to help you grill sides like asparagus or other vegetables. You can set timers or use the temperature probe, but there is no integration for sides or veggies.

Should You Buy a Weber Smart Grill?

The Weber Spirit SX-315 is a great grilling upgrade with smart features that you will actually use while grilling. They add to the grilling experience without complicating the process. I also like that I can grill without using the app if I am making something simple.

If you love grilling but hate wondering if something is done to the correct level, you will love a Weber smart grill. If you need a larger grill space, check out the Weber Genesis II smart grill models, which start at $1,049.99.

I would love to see deeper integration to keep the grill at a specific temperature, but that kind of control would likely raise the price substantially and take it out of the affordable upgrade range.

Buy at Weber, Ace Hardware, Amazon, BBQGuys and Home Depot.

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