Wedding Cake Showing Groom Playing Video Games Branded 'Embarrassing'

A wedding is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of any married couple's life, but it seems one particular groom may have preferred to stay home and play video games.

In a video posted to TikTok by Leosometimes we can see footage of a gorgeous three-tiered wedding cake.

The sweet treat, designed to commemorate the couple's love, is covered in sugary cream-colored icing and daubed with edible balls that look like pearls.

On top of the cake are little icing figurines of the bride and groom—so far, so normal.

However, this particular cake does not show the couple hand in hand, or locked in a tender embrace.

Instead, we can see the bride figure looking stunning in a white gown with a bouquet in hand as her eyes bore into the back of her husband's head.

This is because the male figurine is facing the other way, and sat on a chair playing a video game called Call of Duty: Warzone.

His headphones are on, and he is totally ignoring his new wife—how romantic!

Leosometimes captioned the post, originally in Spanish, writing: "HAHAHAHA love this cake #warzone #wedding #vivanlosnovios #callofdutywarzone #cod."

Posted on August 1, the video, which can be watched here, already has a whopping 6.2 million views and has surpassed 597,700 likes.

The clip was also posted to Instagram meme account Pubity on August 17, where it has so far received 374,200 likes.

Whereas the original video attracted lots of Spanish comments, the Instagram version was flooded with people sharing their (mostly negative) opinions of the unique wedding cake in English.

One person, pixielavercombe, wrote: "If she's happy that that's the life she's signed up for then good for her but no way would I do this."

Another social media user, bradharrison808, added: "And that's why I'm barely playing video games anymore. They really can suck all your time if you're not paying attention."

Elllisenn dubbed the creation "the saddest wedding cake I've ever seen."

Jjjustjjjessie exclaimed: "Drag me away from my wedding by my hair if this is ever my cake topper."

Nastypattydaily stated: "That's more sad than anything to be honest."

Mia.odea typed: "Imagine embarrassing yourself in front of all your guests with that."

However, some people were able to see the funny side of the outlandish cake, with Rube writing: "At least he got his priorities right."

Oliverjaytaylor also thought that the cake was a positive because it showed that the couple "have a good sense of humor."

Recently another couple's wedding faced criticism online, when a bride organized a musical surprise for both her guests and husband.

The surprise involved the bride and a cohort of singers performing "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Frankie Valli, but many on TikTok found the performance "awkward" and their "worst nightmare."

Couple cutting wedding cake
A stock image of a newly-married couple cutting into their wedding cake. On TikTok one cake has gone viral because the figurine of the groom is playing video games. Getty Images