Wedding Gift Value Apparently Dictates How Good Your Reception Dinner Will Be in Shocking 2020 Invite

If you've ever wondered how much to spend on a wedding gift, one engaged couple has apparently cooked up an incentive to spend more than you might've planned. According to a photo that's made its way onto Reddit, an unnamed couple is allegedly asking those who RSVP for their wedding to reveal how much money they plan to spend on their gift. The more money the guest spends, the better their dinner options.

The post surfaced in the r/WeddingShaming subreddit over the weekend, and opened up a conversation about lines that shouldn't be crossed when throwing a wedding. Now, there's a chance that the RSVP card isn't for a wedding at all, and some commenters agreed that it would be better if these stipulations were set for some sort of charity event.

Regardless of whatever type of event it's for, the RSVP card outlines the options in a series of tiers. Those who plan to spend "up to $250" can choose from the basic meal options: swordfish and roast chicken. Attendees who vow $251 to $500 are able to select from an additional two dishes: sliced steak and poached salmon. But if that steak isn't good enough, those who offer a gift in the $500 to $1,000 tier are able to select from all of the other options, as well as a filet mignon and lobster tail. Any more than $1,001 and a two-pound lobster is suddenly on the table—literally.

In the case of a wedding, it does seem a bit outrageous to reward guests with better meals based on how much they spend to celebrate the happy couple. But some Reddit users assumed this card was from a charity event or fundraiser, and that each tier would contribute to an individual organization.

Filet Mignon Steakhouse prime wood grilled 8 oz. filet served with fresh vegetables and garlic rosemary roasted potatoes at Fireside Tavern, Sharpe Hill Vineyard in Pomfret, CT on June 9, 2013. Getty/Lisa Wiltse/Corbis via Getty Images

"This seems more like something you would encounter at a charity dinner than at a wedding. It's still tacky and horrific, but it feeds into the ostentatious desire to flex on other donors found at some charity events," argued u/averagebearymcbear. "I truly hope it isn't a wedding couple."

There's no formal clarification on this, and chances are we may never know exactly what this odd RSVP card was really for, if it's real at all. It was uploaded to Reddit by u/docerin, who revealed they'd found the alleged wedding invite in a Facebook group.

"Found it on a Facebook group - desperately waiting for some more information and hoping that it's just a joke," they wrote. "But it's sad that we even have to question whether or not someone would do this...because we all know there's definitely someone out there that would!"

Some Reddit users took offense with the options. "I don't know what's worse, the teired [sic] food based on gift... or that vegetarians/kosher diet people are only at the $1k+ level," wrote u/phoenixwaller. "Vegetarian or Jewish Friends? FU pay us!"

One user, u/azgiss, wrote what many of the other folks in the thread seem to be thinking.:"Ooof, yeah, hoping this is from some horrifically tacky fancy-shmancy gala and not criminally tacky newlyweds."