Wedding Knells In Hollywood

It's time for a pop quiz: why did those Hollywood sweethearts, Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland, abruptly cancel their much-ballyhooed nuptials last week three days before the Big Event? (a) He got blasted at his bachelor party and bedded a hooker. (b) She's cracking up. He's in rehab. (c) He had a fling with a G-stringer. She has a lesbian lover. (d) Her career is in hyperspace. His is on hiatus. (e) They're still getting hitched, but wanted to hoodwink the media. (f) All of the above. (g) None of the above.

God's mills may grind slowly and exceedingly fine, but the rumor mills of Hollywood are swift and exceedingly coarse. After all, you don't just uninvite 200 guests and dismantle a sound-stage wedding set built to resemble Roberts's Smyrna, Ga., backyard because, as Roberts's publicist put it, "they just decided not to do it right now." While Tinseltown tongues wagged, a London tabloid, The Sun, reported that Roberts had called off the wedding because of Sutherland's liaison several months ago with an L.A. stripper named Amanda Rice, a.k.a. Raven. (Did Julia quoth "Nevermore" to Kiefer?) Kiefer's publicist admitted that Sutherland knows Raven but said she's not the enemy and he never slept with her. Meanwhile, Roberts's publicist denied that this was all an elaborate hoax to confound the press. That didn't stop the rumormongers. Last weekend they were flapping over the likelihood of seeing "Two on the Aisle."