'Sobbing': Wedding Processional Crashed by Toddler Delights the Internet

A toddler has captured the hearts of viewers with his wholesome reaction to his mother walking down the wedding aisle, garnering a lot of appreciation for his actions.

The TikTok recounting the situation, captioned, "#KristieFoundHerKing #MihelichWedding," has been viewed 958,900 times and liked 156,300 times since the video was shared on April 26 by @samsstyles_97_, or Samantha Mihelich, the niece of the bride and groom, Kristie and Bobby Mihelich. Tamara Allison is the original author of the video, which has since gone viral.

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Happy toddler
A wedding processional was crashed by a toddler in a video clip delighting the Internet. Here, a happy toddler with their hands in the air. OLESIABILKEI/GETTY

The video began with a little boy in black slacks, a blue vest over a white shirt with a black bowtie, standing beside his similarly-dressed father, the groom, as they waited for the bride to walk down the aisle during the nuptials. An officiant was present behind them, as well as a member of the wedding party and the photographer.

"My uncle got married this weekend, and my sweet cousin was the ring bearer," the TikToker said in a voiceover.

Canon in D played in the background as the little boy and his father looked down the aisle. "Just wait for his reaction when he sees his mama coming down the aisle," the TikToker added.

The groom was getting emotional at one point, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and wiping his eyes and face when, suddenly, the boy spotted his mother.

He shuffled his feet as his jaw dropped.

"Hey, Mom!" the boy yelled down the aisle.

He started waving both arms at his mother, and everyone laughed at the boy's reaction. Then, he took off running with both arms outstretched, racing towards his mother coming down the aisle in the opposite direction.

The camera panned to show the processional crash, and his mother smiled in her strapless gown, waiting for him down at the other end. He greeted the bride, who leaned down during the sweet moment with her bouquet in one hand.

Then a man, the bride's brother, took one hand of the toddler as the bride held his other hand, and all three walked down the aisle together in unison.

Many people had their phones out for the viral moment as the trio continued down the aisle where the groom awaited them.

Once at the altar, the bride's brother took the boy in his arms, and he kissed his cheek before the video cut off.

Newsweek reached out to TikToker @samsstyles_97_ for comment, but over 2,700 comments poured in over the toddler crashing the wedding processional, and many seemed to appreciate the heartwarming moment.

"It's the arms out, run down the aisle that got me," a TikToker said.

It's a moment many people approved of based on the comments. "How amazing he got to [walk] his mom down the aisle," a viewer expressed.

One person had kind words for everyone involved, saying, "What a sweet family." They also added, "I love how the bride didn't stress about the disruption, just grabbed his hand and kept it moving."

The viral video produced emotions in some viewers. "I don't know these people, and I'm sobbing," a TikToker admitted.

A viewer loved how they all "let this moment be the best day of that little boy's life. They let him embrace his beautiful mom, and the pride on his face... Pure joy!"

Other comments included things like, "Crying, Omg," and "This is 1,000 times better than whatever he was supposed to do."

While some honed in on people with their phones out during the processional. "People, the phones, put them down," a TikToker wrote.

This isn't the only viral moment involving weddings. A couple's first dance turned heads when things ended with both the bride and groom falling. Another couple used a coin toss to determine their last name during the wedding ceremony, and a group of kids crashed a bride and groom's first dance.

Updated 04/29/2022, 5:34 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with additional information.