Video of Priest Officiating Wedding of His Ex-Girlfriend Goes Viral

A priest in the Philippines has gone viral after live streaming him marrying his ex-girlfriend to another man.

Fr. Roniel Sulits is a popular YouTube personality and priest in the Parish of Sto. Nino de Lipa in Batangas. Sulit would regularly live stream and vlog to his 140,000 Youtube subscribers. Last week he streamed himself officiating the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Maria Korina.

According to reports by ABS CBN News, Sulit made light of the situation with jokes to the guests and explained that it was not a coincidence. He said his ex-girlfriend suggested it after telling him of her engagement, the pair agreed it was a good idea for content on his platforms.

During the ceremony, Sulit said: "I have wed many couples, but today I am sweating with nerves, Korina is my ex-girlfriend.

"This is embarrassing, we're live on social media. But I won't stop the wedding, that only happens in movies."

This revelation was met with laughter and applause as Sulit explained how this happened.

He continued: "You may notice in the monitor that Korina is also nervous, not because of her wedding, but because of what I might say now. She is also nervous if I would even show up.

"Before today Korina messaged me, when she and Manuel got engaged.

"Now she's getting nervous. She showed me her engagement ring via chat. She told me it would make for good content for my vlog."

Sulit and Korina met when they were younger at church and despite separating, said they are both happy with the lives they lead.

Sulit also wished Korina and her new husband, Manuel, a wonderful new life moving forward together.

He continued: The past is past, right, Korina? We have our own lives now, I am a priest and you are getting married.

"I asked her if she is happy and she said she is, very much so. She said God brought Manuel into her life.

"I hope you have a happy and wonderful life together. They say that a marriage is not between two people but between three, the third one is not me, but God. God will be with you in your marriage."

The original live stream video has since been taken down off of Sulit's Facebook page. The video is also no longer available on his Youtube page.

According to ABS CBN News, Sulit and Korina decided to step away from the attention they were receiving after the video went viral.

Stock photo of a Catholic priest marrying a man and woman. A priest in the Philipines has gone viral after live streaming him marrying his ex-girlfriend to another man. Getty