Where Is 'The Weekend Away' Filmed? Leighton Meester on Thriller's 'Picturesque' Setting

Netflix's The Weekend Away is the latest crime-thriller to hit the streaming giant. Starring Leighton Meester as Beth and Christina Wolfe as Kate, The Weekend Away follows the gripping tale of two best friends whose long over-due weekend away takes a sinister turn when Kate's lifeless body is found after a wild night out.

Unable to remember what happened the previous evening and with no explanation for what happened to her friend, Beth frantically searches for answers, whilst risking putting herself in the frame for murder.

So, where did all this drama take place? Leighton Meester spoke to Newsweek about filming The Weekend Away.

Where Is The Weekend Away Set?

The Weekend Away on Netflix is set in Croatia. The exact town or city is never disclosed, but Beth and Kate have taken themselves off for a luxury stay on the Croatian seafront.

Croatia is a slightly different setting from Sarah Alderson's novel of the same name which the Netflix movie is based on.

Alderson, who also wrote the screenplay of the movie, has set the drama of The Weekend Away in Split, Croatia, unlike in her best-selling novel, which was set in Lisbon, Portugal.

Speaking to Newsweek, Leighton Meester, who plays Beth, shared her love for the show's setting.

She said: "I do love that it was set in Croatia and we actually filmed there. It was just so wonderful. I mean, as you can imagine it's beautiful at every turn and I'm so excited and just really thrilled that the whole film captures it so well."

Where Was The Weekend Away Filmed?

The Weekend Away was filmed entirely on location in Croatia.

The majority of filming took place in Split, Croatia's second-largest city, with its various landmarks featured throughout the movie.

The city, which was founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos in 2 or 3 BC, was once home to Diocletian's Palace, built for the Roman emperor in AD 305.

Until Croatia was declared an independent country in 1991, Split was under the rule of various other countries and leaders including Napoleon Bonaparte, the Austrian Empire, Yugoslavia, Italy, and Germany.

History fans or those who have visited Split may have spotted the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian.

Speaking to Newsweek, Meester shared: "I want to go to Croatia again. I'm like 'give me the summer!' It was interesting to go to [a place] that is essentially known for, I think, tourism and really spend a lot of time there. We were only there for six weeks but there's so, so much there. There's so much to see and just being able to settle into a place that you might only vacation for a week or whatever and be really living there is just so cool. It's so nice, I want to go back so bad.

"We filmed on location completely and it was just beautiful. I mean, the people are wonderful. The food is amazing. Everywhere you turn it's beautiful and crystal clear blue water, and then an ancient Roman palace has been transformed into a city it's quite picturesque, to say the least. It was really amazing and of course, when I had my time off my weekends, it was so nice to explore and to relax there."

the weekend away location
Leighton Meester as Beth in Netlfix's "The Weekend Away" which was filmed in Split, Croatia. Netlfix

Other filming locations include Dubrovnik and Croatia's capital city, Zagreb.

Notable locations spotted throughout the movie include the Gregory of Nin statue, the Riveria, Zagreb's Tudman Square, and the small port of Matejuška.

The club where Kate and Beth spend their last night together was filmed at the real-life Zenta club in Split.

Game of Thrones viewers may recognize the St. Blaise Church and famous walkway Stradun in Dubrovnik, as well as the Dubrovnik's Old Town which doubled as the infamous King's Landing in the HBO series.

The Weekend Away is streaming on Netflix now.

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