Kansas City Royals Fans Spot Cutout Version of 'Weekend at Bernie' Star in the Stands

While MLB teams play to plastic cutout crowds, a few teams have found ways to have fun with the new safety-measure, namely the Kansas City Royals who had a Weekend at Bernie's cut-out strategically placed behind home plate.

Shout out to the @royals and this card board fan cut out. pic.twitter.com/vsO6xBCD0Q

— Danny Deraney (@DannyDeraney) August 7, 2020

There's a Weekend at Bernie's cutout in the front row at the Royals game pic.twitter.com/TJwqE6hlmW

— 2020 Astros Shame Tour (@AsteriskTour) August 7, 2020

The cut out shows Terry Kiser as the 1989 comedy's dead star, strategically placed in one of the front rows, in a crowd of other smiling Royals fans, who probably wouldn't have known that he was dead, had they been at the game. Given the shade of shirt he's wearing in the photo chosen for the cut-out, Bernie blends in incredibly well.

Fans immediately starting making suggestions for a third Weekend at Bernie's film or making suggestions about the titular character being a season ticket holder.

Weekend at bernies 3 - Bernie goes to the royals game!!!

— 🍍🇨🇦🏈Josh🥎🏒🎳🍍 (@Draigai29) August 7, 2020

Bernie from “Weekend at Bernies” is a season ticket holder to Kansas City Royals. Fight me.

— Travis j Hinman (@travisjhinman) August 7, 2020

Last night's game against the Chicago Cubs wasn't the first time that the Royals decided to have fun with cutouts. In a July 29 video for The Kansas City Star, other fun cutouts can be seen in the stands, including Star Wars' Chewbacca and Waldo (of Where's Waldo? fame).

Toby Cook, the Royals VP of Publicity, told The Star that the $40 fans donated to be a cutout went half to making the cutouts, but also half went to Royals charities for COVID relief. In all, Cook said the organization raised about $14,000.

Besides fans, Cook said that the team also had about 200 cutouts of dignitaries like the Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and Jackson County executive and former Royals second baseman Frank White. Players also asked for cutouts of their family members to be placed in the stands, after learning about the plans from the organization. "Their family members are going to be depicted in the cutouts, which is really cool, because, yes, they may not recognize a face or two in the crowd, but they're certainly gonna recognize their family at the stadium when they come out for that first game on Friday night," Cook said.

Local radio personality Dana Wright prophetically made the joke over a week before the cutout caught fans' attention, sharing the article from The Kansas City Star.

omG!!!! Toby Cook with the @Royals says look closely- you'll see Weekend at Bernies!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL https://t.co/l4wCeaGA89

— Dana Wright🎙 (@RadioDana) July 29, 2020

The Royals aren't the only team who have had some fun with their cutouts in the stands. The Seattle Mariners put a cutout of infamous Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman in the crowd during Sunday's game against the Oakland Athletics. Bartman was a Cubs fan who interfered with a foul ball as a Cubs outfielder was trying to make the catch for an out. Bartman's cutout was conveniently (and hilariously) placed along the left field foul pole.

There's really a Bartman cutout on the LF foul line area at the A's-Mariners game today 😂 pic.twitter.com/ifpWzyTjqK

— FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) August 2, 2020

A press contact for the Royals did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment.

Kansas City Royals
Brett Phillips #14 of the Kansas City Royals stands on the field as he waits for a game to begin against the Chicago Cubs at Kauffman Stadium on August 05, 2020 in Kansas City, Missouri. The Royals strategically placed a "Weekend at Bernie's" inspired cut-out right behind home plate for Thursday's game. Getty/Ed Zurga