Weekend Reading

In Congress, life imitates art, in a bad way.

A hater out of Irvine, Calif., disses New Yorkers for boasting too much.

Democrats dare Republicans to side with Big Oil. Sounds like a winning strategy, but siding with Big Oil has worked for the GOP past, so why can't it work again?

Jonah Goldberg likes Mickey Kaus. Why am I not surprised?

Mona Charen blames obesity on food stamps and calls hypocrisy on opposing the former and supporting the latter. Can't argue with that.

Attention online advertisers! Matthew Yglesias thinks you shouldn't devalue ads because of low-click through rates. He points out that vague raising of brand awareness was always the point of most ads in the old media, not selling x number of trucks off the specific ad. He's convinced me.

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