7 Craziest Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo

Cat, goat, owl, maid cafes, and ninja-themed restaurants: Tokyo has some strange places that you need to check out

Want to pet a cat while sipping coffee? Or a goat? An owl? How about spending a couple of hours eating in a hell-themed restaurant? You can do all that, plus more, in Tokyo, where the locals have taken themed restaurants and cafes to the next level. Whatever you like – dogs, unicorns, Wilford Brimley – there's probably a themed café for it in Tokyo.

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Cat Café Calico

Hello, kitty! Well, not if you're allergic. Otherwise, pop into this cat café – or any other; there are dozens in Tokyo – to pet a kitty-cat while sipping a coffee or tea. The cats roam the place like the own it and you're just there for their amusement. Maybe you'll love it so much you'll come back to-meow-rrow.

Cat Cafe
Feeling lonely? Cuddle a kitty at Cat Café Calico while having a coffee. Getty/EMMANUEL DUNAND

Cure Maid Café

The maid café that created the sensation. Opened in 2001, Cure Maid is the remedy to your malady – that is, if said illness is a lack of waitresses dressed as French maids in your world. If so, you've come to the right place. The officious servers are prim and proper, as this particular maid café is mild compared to some of the other offshoots that have sprung up since.

Maid cafe
Maid cafes are all the rage in Tokyo, especially if the maids look like anime cleaners. Kayocci/Getty

Kawaii Monster Café

It's not advised to take LSD before stepping into this Harajuku restaurant. Or maybe it is. It's like an electric Kool-Aid acid test come to life with colors galore and odd images crammed in every possible space. Food includes multi-colored pasta and a curious chicken and chocolate pairing. Drinks arrive in test tubes to be mixed in your glass. Have a nice trip!

Ninja Akasaka

Ninjas are real, folks. Just head over to this ninja-themed café to see for yourself. In the 21st century, these trained assassins work as servers at this restaurant. Eat crackers shaped like ninja stars and Japanese staples that are sometimes lit on fire by the ninja-servers. They'll even entertain you and your dining companions by doing an occasional sword trick.

Ninja Tokyo
The Ninja servers at Ninja Akasaka will slice and dice for you at your table. slavazyryanov/Getty

Owlcafe Akiba Fukurou

A few facts about owls: a group of them is called a parliament. Owls swallow their prey whole and then vomit it back up and they can't control their bowels. But don't let this scare you away from an owl café. Here you can sip your coffee and play Hermione or Harry Potter while owls stare at you and sit on your shoulder. They even have names: Mr. Yamashita, Snowman, Peanuts, Shrimp, Gorilla, Queen of Heart, and Cracker, to name a few.

owl cafe
Kuppi, Snowman and Mr. Ostrich are waiting to hang out with you. Owlcafe Akiba Fukurou

Vampire Café

Transylvania? Nope, more like Ginza-vania. The Vampire Café in Ginza is like dining at an insane mortician's house. With jet-black walls, blood-smeared mirrors, coffins galore and skulls lingering in every corner, the café serves blood-red sangria and every other kind of edible but macabre concoction you could imagine.

Vampire Cafe
If Dracula had a cafe, this is what it would look like. We think. Vampire Cafe


Go to hell! Or at least go to this izakaya which is an underworld-themed eatery and café complete with severed limbs laying around and servers dressed as ghosts. Call the waitress over by raising the severed hand at your table and place an order for Ghost's Eyeballs and the Cremation Pyre Spareribs. Yum. You can even take your turn laying in a coffin while your very own funeral takes place. Fun times!

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