Weird Science: Kinsey's Pedophile

Grammar-school boys can have multiple orgasms? Human sexuality can begin at birth? Most Americans first heard these revolutionary theories from the father of sex research, Alfred Kinsey. Now; 50 years later, it appears that at least some of Kinsey's work was not very "scientific." This week the director of the Kinsey Institute said he believes that the late sexologist based many of his findings about prepubescent sexual activity on the diaries of one anonymous child molester. That prolific pedophile kept records of his encounters with 317 children from 1917 to 1948.

While experts believe that Kinsey may have overblown the orgasmic capabilities of young boys, his vast evidence on human sexuality is still solid. Even so, the revelation is fodder for critics. The Family Research Council wants to use it to toss out sex education. Kinsey was all wrong, they argue, so our sex curriculum must be, too. U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman wants to unleash a congressional investigation of Kinsey's past work. All of which leaves us where we started 50 years ago -- in a state of sexual confusion.