'We've Seen It All': TikToker Claims Cinema Staff Can See Everything You Do in Theater

A movie theater employee went viral on TikTok after sharing a reality not many of us were aware of: they can see everything that goes on in our seats.

The video, posted by user @.no1headache on TikTok, has already received more than 15.3 million views and 62,200 comments since it was posted on Monday.

"When people come to the cinema with their sneaky link to do the nasty," the on-screen text read. In the background was a large monitor with security footage from several cameras. The screen showed the interior of the theaters and had various angles of each.

In the video, the woman wore an orange Vue Theaters hat and stared back and forth from the screen to the security camera footage. "We see everything!" the caption of the video read.

In the comments, the employee also mentioned that they have night-vision goggles so they've "seen it all." Many users flooded the comments mentioning that they're more scared about employees watching them eat all of the outside food they snuck in.

"So y'all see me take my whole fridge outta my bag," one user commented. Another joked that they snuck a large pizza into the theater once.

Others joked about the inappropriate things employees might have witnessed.

"Imma have to charge y'all for the content I've made there," one user joked.

"8th grade me [clown emoji]," another user said.

In October, a person claiming to be an ex-AMC employee revealed that the employees don't care if people bring in their own food to the theater.

In the video, which was viewed more than 1.1 million times, a woman claimed that she used to work at an AMC theater and that employees actually can't stop people from bringing in outside food.

"We legally can't stop you from bringing food into the movie theater," she said in the video. "If you just say like 'I have to eat' there's literally nothing we can do."

But many users had conflicting opinions in the comments, including people who claimed this was not true, and others sharing their person experiences.

"I have Postmate'd food to AMC in the middle of a movie," one user commented. "They do not care."

Movie Theater
A person on TikTok who claimed to be a movie theater employee said they can see everything that happens in the theaters. In the video, the employee showed a monitor of security camera footage from all the theater interiors. Sean Gallup / Getty Images

"Someone had chicken parmigiana the other night," another person wrote. "With bread and salad."

But other commenters mentioned that they were a manager for a movie theater and that this was not true.

"It's a healthcode violation, I don't make the rules," the person said in the comments. But another person replied to the comment saying, "I'm also a manager and it is actually correct."

Newsweek reached out to Vue Theaters for comment.