What Is the Collinsworth Slide? NFL Fans Elated as Internet Meme Returns

The NFL season has begun, meaning our favorite commentators are back in the box to give the lowdown on every play. In this year's kick-off game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took home victory over the Dallas Cowboys by a close 31-29.

While the result clearly excited Buccaneers fans—as well as the return of the MVP Tom Brady—one other aspect of the game brought excitement for fans universally.

This was the Collinsworth Slide, a famed action from NFL commentator Cris Collinsworth, which always brings a smile to fans' faces.

He was beside his usual commentating companion, Al Michaels, while Michele Tafoya and Terry McAulay also offered commentating insights.

What Is the Collinsworth Slide?

When Michaels is doing his regular commentating for ABC, sometimes he needs a little bit of insight from his presenting friend Collinsworth.

As a result, the camera will be focused on Michaels when he turns to Collinsworth for his input, and Collinsworth will slide on camera to add his two cents' worth.

This has become famous, with Collinsworth even admitting he has a mark he needs to get to in order to perfect the slide.

Clips of him doing this slide went viral during the 2018 season, and it was not until later that year that he realized why fans were asking him to "slide" all the time.

Speaking back then to For the Win, he said: "It's just fun. My dad always said, 'There's no limit to the amount of people you can entertain as long as you're willing to be the butt of the joke.' And I've made a pretty good living off of that over the years."

Collinsworth even explained how the slide came about, which is all to do with the stage manager and camera operator.

✨A tradition unlike any other✨

The @CollinsworthPFF Slide is iconic. pic.twitter.com/e4U2AqHAjd

— Sunday Night Football on NBC (@SNFonNBC) December 10, 2018

Each week, he explained, he must sit on his taped-off mark next to Michael for the opening shot, however the camera operator then tells him to get out of the shot until he is required.

As a result, he had to create a way to make both sides happy, and a quick slide across does just that.

Sunday Night Football on NBC noticed how well-liked the slide really is, and even made a compilation for fans to enjoy.

Fans Really Love the Collinsworth Slide

NFL fans are really into the Collinsworth Slide, taking to social media to share their excitement every time they witness the marvel.

The drought is over. The slide God has returned. Rating this one: 435/10 #CollinsworthSlide @SNFonNBC pic.twitter.com/x4uALDVPac

— SlideSzn (@Slide_Szn) September 10, 2021

Chris “slide in here”...#cantgetenough #Collinsworthslide pic.twitter.com/eNAUbQB5sr

— Shannon Spake (@ShannonSpake) January 11, 2020

Sometimes big groups of people even celebrate the slide, like one video that shows an entire bar celebrating as it appeared on the big screen.

As seen above, there is even an account on Twitter dedicated to rating the slides out of 10, and needless to say they all manage to go over and above their target.

Cris Collinsworth
NFL commentator Cris Collinsworth in 2019. Mike Coppola/Getty Images