Video: What Did LeBron James Say to Lonzo Ball After Cavaliers Beat Lakers?

LeBron James dropped a triple-double on Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night.

What James did after the Cavaliers had seen off the Lakers, though, seemed to generate more attention than another big night for 'The King'.

James set the Internet raging when he and Ball shook hands after the game, following the Cavaliers' 121-112 victory at Quicken Loans Arena. The future Hall of Famer and the rookie exchanged words with their jerseys over their mouths. Which, of course, only added to the intrigue.

[rubs hands together] bring on the theories

— nb (@nicjbae) December 15, 2017

"None of y'all business," James replied, in quotes reported by CBS, when asked what he had said to Ball. "Nothing," Ball said when asked the same question.

"What they talked about might remain a mystery forever," Tania Ganguli wrote in the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

But that mystery might be solved next summer, when James has to make a decision about whether to pursue free agency for probably the final time in his career or stick with the Cavaliers. Ganguli seemed to poke that particular hornets' nest when she wrote, "If the mission was to show James that the Lakers he could join in free agency next summer were a young group of talented players who cared about competing and had pride in their games and whom he could help take to the next level, they did that Thursday night."

Ball chose perhaps the biggest night of his NBA career so far to have one of his best games. He had 13 points, eight rebounds and 11 assists and, most symbolically perhaps, a steal from James.

That stat line won't be forgotten by James, one can reasonably conclude. But all anyone else wanted to talk about postgame was "the message."

"While LeBron may have been trying to prevent anymore unnecessary coverage or questions for Lonzo by keeping it a secret, he accidentally stirred up way more interest in the moment than if he had just relayed the message", Jack Maloney wrote for CBS. It was indeed strange that James should have been so coy if there had been nothing but platitudes in his message to Ball. We may find out in time what, exactly, was said. In the meantime, the internet can keep hypothesizing entertainingly.