'What Did You Just Say?': Woman Backed for Ditching Slur-touting Neighbor

In the United States, 58 percent of women identify with the LGBT+ community with 54 percent of women are in a same-sex relationship. The internet has recently taken the side of a woman who ditched a slur-slanging kid in a new viral post.

On Reddit's "AmITheA**hole" forum, u/NewDrover72 submitted her story for the entire community to read and comment their opinions on. Her post now has over 11,000 upvotes and 1,000 comments.

The 18-year-old high school student bought her first car this year. In exchange for car insurance coverage, she agreed to do chores for her parents. One of those was to drive her neighbor Kyle home when his parents work late. She also explained in her post that she was a lesbian which is only important due to Kyle's behavior.

One day while the OP (original poster) drove Kyle and her brother home, Kyle said a very insulting word.

"Kyle says, 'I heard you're a f-slur' (but he didn't censor himself). I had just pulled out of the school driveway and gone maybe 30 feet. I pulled over, parked the car in someone's driveway, and turned around and said 'Excuse me, what did you just say?' And he goes 'Are you a f-slur?' And I go 'I have a girlfriend, but you can't be using that word. Ever, you hear me?'" she said.

They continued their argument until she decided not to accommodate and turned back toward the school so Kyle might grab a bus or have his parents pick him up. The Reddit user's parents were angry, claiming the OP could've driven Kyle home and they would've had a conversation with his parents. The Reddit community swooped in to defend the choice.

"NTA," u/cookieenmelk wrote, receiving more than 9,000 upvotes. "At least you went back to school and left the kid at a safe environment. That kid needed a lesson. What you did was merely a slap on his wrist, you know had it happened a few years later or when he's an adult he could be held accountable for babling his mouth without thinking much. But anyway I hope he learned the lesson and stop using that word. Geez."

"Exactly. OPs parents should be praising their child's incredible self control and sensible thinking for getting a guidance counsellor and getting the little s**t safely handled when the temptation to kick him out of the car and leave him on the sidewalk must have been enormous!" U/BooBob69 said. "If they won't say it, I will. Well done OP, you are the epitome of the bigger person and your parents should be proud."

"NTA - it's your car, and you get to decide who gets a ride. You should talk to his parents yourself and tell them exactly why you didn't, and will never give their son a ride home," u/janus270 commented.

U/Fuzzy_snark defended the OP adding, "NTA for sure...and OP, since your parents didn't say it... This mama is proud of you. You do not have to subject yourself to hate to accommodate ANYONE. EVER. Well done."

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A Redditor asked the readers of the "AmITheA**hole" forum their opinions for ditching a kid who called her the "f-slur" while driving him home from school. Prot Tachapanit/iStock / Getty Images Plus