What Does 'Couch Guy' Mean on TikTok? Viral Hashtag Explained

'Couch Guy' all started as an innocent TikTok video, posted by Lauren Zarras. Since, it has spread like wildfire, with many others dissecting the video for signs of relationship breakdown.

The 'couch guy' himself is Robbie, a young man whose relationship has become the subject of social media detectives.

Lauren has posted various response videos, defending her boyfriend, while others are sure something is amiss, and want to be the ones to uncover the controversy.

What is 'Couch Guy?'

'Couch Guy' is Robbie, a young man whose girlfriend Lauren went to visit him at college.

She filmed her surprise arrival in a TikTok video, with a lilting ballad playing in the background.

On her arrival, Robbie was sitting on the couch next to three girls, and, according to some viewers, did not look quite as excited as one would expect.

They hugged each other and those around them looked surprised to see her, and that was the end of the video. It seemed innocent enough - but was it?

Over time, TikTok sleuths have been looking into what they believe is really going on, and analysing whether, perhaps, there was some foul play.

The main controversy has been around the idea that Robbie was, indeed, not impressed to see his girlfriend. The suggestion by these TikTokers has been that Robbie was up to no good and may have been cheating on his girlfriend.

In forensic analysis videos, TikTok users have looked at the footage in painstaking detail, trying to work out if Robbie could have been texting other girls, or even on a date with one of the girls he was sitting with when Lauren arrived.

One of the big controversies has been around whether Robbie was holding his own phone on Lauren's arrival, with some believing he attempted to hide it from her.

Both Robbie and Lauren have vehemently denied all of these theories.

In these videos, he has been christened 'Couch Guy' by those wanting to work out his true motives, but neither he nor Lauren are deterred from continuing their happy relationship.

In a response video, Robbie (user name @souljawatchambassador) posted simple text, reading: "Couch guy here. Ur welcome for getting u off berries & cream tiktok, but remember:

"Not everything is true crime. Don't be a parasocial creep. Go get some fresh air. Take care."

The video ended with him giving the platform a big thumbs up, as well as a caption which read: "I love @laurenzarras , she's the best. #couchguy"

Lauren has also asked fans to "stop the hate" in her videos, but her comments are flooded with people attempting to "warn" her against her boyfriend.

On one video, a commenter said: "You're the perfect example of love is blind"

Another said: "yall are wasting your time with this one. Unfortunately there are some people that will literally turn a blind eye even though there may be some flags"

Others tried to call her "bestie" in the hope of convincing her of Robbie's so-called crimes, but Lauren remained adamant that Robbie is genuine.

Lauren even asked her family to share their views on Robbie in another TikTok video, all of whom vouched for his innocence. She also analysed the original video herself in an attempt to prove his innocence.

Despite TikTokers sharing their views, Robbie and Lauren are still together, and Lauren has even launched a range of 'Couch Guy' t-shirts for fans to buy.

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The TikTok logo. 'Cough Guy' has become a famous TikTok viral hashtag after a video was posted which spread controversy. Drew Angerer/Getty