What Donald Trump and Joe Biden Tweeted after the Debate

Both presidential candidates went straight to Twitter following last night's final campaign debate in Nashville, Tennessee, seeking to amplify what they thought were their most resonating talking points and their opponent's worst moments.

The debate—in which the moderators had a mute button for the candidates to prevent interruptions—was a less chaotic affair than the first, and by the time it took place more than 45 million Americans had already voted.

The debate is unlikely to move the needle much on the race, but may show the messages the two candidates will be drilling down on in the home stretch.

Soon after the debate, Donald Trump tweeted out a video showing Joe Biden's past comments about phasing out fossil fuels and ending fracking if he became president. At the end of the Nashville debate, Biden falsely claimed he has never wanted to ban fracking.

The former vice president has since said that fracking "won't be on the chopping block" if he becomes president, but the Trump campaign is attacking Biden and accusing him of flip-flopping.

The fracking boom has been lucrative for American producers and cut fuel prices for U.S. consumers, though environmental campaigners have warned it causes earthquakes, releases toxic chemicals, can poison groundwater, and ultimately contributes to man-made global warming.

Trump's post-debate Twitter activity largely consisted of retweeting online polls and praise from conservative commentators claiming the president won the debate. These included messages from son Eric Trump, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and podcast host Dan Bongino.

Trump also retweeted a message from the House Judiciary GOP account, referring to the current probe into emails allegedly taken from Hunter Biden's computer that Trump and his allies claim show Biden's abuse of power.

The FBI is looking into whether the emails are legitimate or whether they might be part of a disinformation smear campaign, perhaps pushed by Russia. The GOP account wrote: "Hunter Biden's emails are NOT Russian disinformation. They are real. Period."

Biden, meanwhile, shared a wide selection of clips from the debate to underscore his message, adding: "Folks, I just stepped off the debate stage, and I've never been more fired up and ready to win this election."

The former vice president shared clips from the debate including him attacking Trump's mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic, accusations of racism and encouraging right-wing terrorism, separating migrant children from their parents at the southern border and holding them in camps, the president's inaction on healthcare reform, and Trump's refusal to release his tax returns.

Biden also sent several tweets vowing to be a president for all Americans, not just Democratic voters, and others urging followers to donate to his campaign and to vote.

Joe Biden, Donald Trump, debate, Twitter, Nashville
President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden participate in the final presidential debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22, 2020. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images/Getty