What Ever Happened To 'Citizen Kane'?

Chicago public schools are getting high marks these days for turning around a troubled system. But apparently, they still have a lot of work to do. Earlier this month, a teacher treated his eighth graders to a classroom screening of the bloody R-rated horror film "Scream"--a bootlegged copy, no less. The same day, another teacher showed his fourth graders Demi Moore's racy "Striptease," also R-rated. By way of explanation, the "Striptease" teach says his students picked out the flick; schools chief Paul Vallas says he'll likely be fired. The other instructor says she would have shown a Beatles documentary (to illustrate study of film genres), but when a student offered a tape of "Scream," it seemed like a good alternative. Vallas says he hasn't yet decided how to discipline her. Meanwhile, though, the chief has issued a memo reminding schools that films must be OK'd by principals, be relevant to curriculums and recorded in lesson plans.