What Is Green Monday? How to Take Advantage of This Year's Cyber Deals

Did you miss Black Friday deals? Were you too swamped to peruse online for Cyber Monday? Are you worried about the items you're buying this holiday season getting shipped in time? Well, Green Monday is another chance to take advantage of great online deals.

Green Monday, according to Investopedia, is "one of the retail industry's most profitable days, occurring on the second Monday in December." It's also referred to as "Cyber Monday 2."

This year, Green Monday is on December 14. The term "green" is thought to come from either the color of money, or the eco-friendly method of shopping online, as opposed to in person. (However, after seeing all of the piles of cardboard shipping boxes in my lobby this holiday season, I'm a bit skeptical about the eco-friendly aspect.)

Green Monday
Holiday ornaments with gifts inside the ebay claw machine inside the 'Did You Check eBay?' Holiday Airstream at Christkindl Market on December 4, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Tom Cooper/Getty Images for eBay

When it comes to the name's origins, eBay claims to have coined the phrase in 2007, when the company discovered that it was one of the site's most profitable sales days. Shopping.com also takes credit for making Green Monday an annual staple on the holiday shopping calendar.

Big-box stores like Kohl's, Best Buy, Amazon, Target, Walmart and eBay typically participate in Green Monday with competitive prices.

Although the day may not always be explicitly promoted as "Green Monday" (it could also be labeled as a "Friends & Family" or "12 Days of Deals" sale), it's worth looking at your preferred retailers to see what discounts they might be offering. As per LifeWire, the deals should be in the same places as Cyber Monday's were, as far as retailers go.

The deals are also likely to follow similar trends as the other big shopping days this year. TechRadar posited that this year, deals on Amazon devices such as Kindles, Echos and Fire TVs are likely, along with deals on other pieces of technology, like computers, laptops, toys and video games.

Green Monday also marks 10 days for "pre-Christmas" shipping and delivery. There will likely be deals for inexpensive, fast shipping. LifeWire notes that though the deals may not be as good as those on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they do come pretty darn close.

TechRadar points out that any retailer "looking to shift remaining stock that wasn't lifted" during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, will likely take advantage of this third round of holiday season sales.

So, do you want to make sure you're getting the best deal amid competitive prices for highly coveted items? Use pricegrabber.com and bizrate.com to compare deals. (Price matching is usually restricted during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you're welcome!)

Make a wish list, check it twice, and act fast on any Green Monday deals you see.