Unnamed Teen Detained In Mohit Mor Killing: TikTok Star Was Reportedly Killed By Three Armed Men

An unidentified juvinile has been apprehended for the killing of Tik Tok star Mohit Mor, according to New Delhi police. A 17-year-old from Najafgarh reportedly had a personal motive against the viral internet persona, according to Indian publication The Tribune.

Mor was shot and killed on Tuesday by three men, two of who were identified as wearing helmets. It was alleged 13 bullets were shot at the Tik Tok star. Police have looked into the idea that Mor's fame and success was the reason for his untimely death. At the time he was shot, Mor was meeting a friend at a copy shop in Najafgarh. He was 27 at the time of his death.

Police revealed the teen responsible for Mor's death did confess to the crime. It's unclear if the other two involved have been identified. "During interrogation, the juvenile revealed that he was one of the three assailants who shot dead the gym trainer," Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell), told The Tribune. He also revealed a gun was recovered from the teen.

Mor had a global following on the video-sharing app Tik Tok, which allows users to create their own, unique videos. The app is also known for creating its own memes, in which users take famous pop culture moments and make them their own. Mor, however, used the platform to spread hopeful and inspiring messages. He had over 550,000 fans and 8.7 million hearts on the niche platform.

The last video he shared before his death was a message about poverty. In the video, Mor designed a storyline that showed a man with only one shoe. The man was then given a water bottle, and tried to design it as a sandal. Mor then gives the man his shoes. The video received 26,300 hearts.

Some of Mor's most successful videos include similarly emotional and heartfelt messages.

Mor was killed in the middle of the day, according to India.com. Police revealed they'd searched Mor's TikTok comments for any hateful postings that could be linked to his death. Some were concerned that Mor's death marked the third shooting in the Dwarka area in recent days, though it's unclear if the shootings are at all connected.

Nearly every comment on Mor's most recent video mourns his death. Similar comments appeared on most of Mor's recent videos.

Unnamed Teen Detained In Mohit Mor Killing: TikTok Star Was Reportedly Killed By Three Armed Men | Culture