'Bachelor in Paradise' 2018 Spoilers: What Happens in Two-Part Finale?

One final storm is slated to interrupt the Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 casts fun in the sun come Monday and Tuesday. While Bachelor Nation devotees have witnessed strong relationships develop over the course of Season 5, not all relationships will end with an engagement. Some, however, will conclude in heartbreak and tears. Spoilers ahead, here's what happens in the spinoff show's two-part finale.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 5 airs Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Who Survives the Final Rose Ceremony?

Before Monday's final rose ceremony, seemingly stable couple Joe Amabile and Kendall Long called it quits during the cocktail party, according to Reality Steve. As fans may know, the pair is rumored to still be an item despite this. Diggy Moreland, however, was the only contestant sent home. Here's who received a rose during the last ceremony.

  • Krystal Nielson gave hers to Chris Randone
  • Jenna Cooper's rose went to Jordan Kimball
  • Astrid Loch's rose went to Kevin Wendt
  • Olivia Goethals gave her rose to John Graham
  • Annaliese Puccini's went to Kamil Nicalek
  • Cassandra Ferguson gave hers to Jordan Mauger
  • Shushanna Mkrtychyan's rose went to Robby Hayes

The remaining male contenders suspect more females will hit Paradise after the rose ceremony, but host Chris Harrison arrives to explain how they'll be embarking upon "romantic overnight dates in the fantasy suites reserved for those couples who are ready to take that next step and figure out if their relationships can survive once they go home," according to a summary from ABC. Others can decide whether to exit Paradise for good.

What Happens in Monday's Episode?

Hayes' return to Bachelor in Paradise was hinted at in the finale's promotional trailer, and Season 5 castmates are not thrilled with his arrival. "The next date card shows up in the hand of a new arrival who is remembered for his shady past from a former Paradise relationship, which explains his lukewarm reception from the group," according to ABC. "That doesn't stop a woman bewitched by his good looks from accepting a date with him."

The female whose "bewitched" is likely Mkrtychyan. As a late arrival, she was accused of using witchcraft to cast a spell on Nicalek to win him over.

America's favorite grocer, on the other hand, gets his proposal plans altered upon discovering Long doesn't feel as strongly for him as he does for her. In a sneak peek unveiled by Access on Monday, Amabile tells Long: "Maybe we'll get engaged." To that, Long felt he was "not serious about it" and explained she needs to sleep on their discussion before walking off.

What Happens in Tuesday's Episode?

Out of the remaining pairs, two couples are reportedly engaged. According to Reality Steve, Kimball and Cooper alongside Randone and Nielson are ready to take the next steps in their respective relationships.

In July, Kimball told Refinery29: "I do find someone for me in Paradise. It ends on a very good note." In a report by Elite Daily on Friday, author and body language expert Traci Brown suggested Nielson and Randone's movements indicate how "they're really into each other."

ABC, aside from this, hints how the audience is "shell-shocked" during Bachelor in Paradise's after show "when one romantic hopeful is blindsided and dumped onstage in one of the most intense breakups in Bachelor franchise history." According to Reality Steve, Nicalek will break up with Puccini in front of the studio audience.

What Happens on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Two-Part Finale?
Couples' relationships on tested on the two-part finale of 'Bachelor in Paradise.' Here, Kendall Long is pictured in a still for Episode 505B of 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 5 on September 4, 2018. ABC/Paul Hebert