What Is the Human Feelings Quiz? How to Play the TikTok Trend

The latest trend taking over TikTok sees users finding out what "human feeling" or "human emotion" they are and sharing the results online. Whether you're "joy," "humility" or "despondency," the human feeling quiz allegedly knows all.

If you've been on TikTok in the past week, then you've likely seen people discussing what human emotions they represent. It might sound like something from Disney's Inside Out, but it's actually the results of a quick online quiz instead.

The trend sees users post videos of their results, which claim to explain exactly who the quiz taker is as a person and what human emotion they most closely align with after answering just a few questions.

Teen girl on laptop
A quiz has gone viral on TikTok that claims it knows which emotion you represent. The above stock image shows a girl using a laptop. Getty Images

"I decided to take the 'what human feeling are you? Test and this is what I got," read one of the videos with on-screen text. Some videos have peaked at over 400,000 likes in just a matter of days, proving just how popular the rising trend is.

Despite the trend taking over TikTok, it can be difficult to find out exactly how to do it yourself. Comments are filled with users asking where to track down the quiz and noting that they "can't find the quiz anywhere." Luckily, Newsweek has the answer.

How to Complete the "Human Feeling Quiz"

The human feeling quiz trending online can be found on UQuiz, a quiz-making website, by following this link. For English speakers, however, the webpage will need to be translated using the handy feature at the top of the screen on Chrome and Safari, as it was originally published in Russian.

As a heads up, the translation is rough and oftentimes makes the quiz relatively hard to follow.

The human feelings quiz involves 11 questions, which ask you about different aspects of your personality, ranging from whether you think it's "okay to have feelings" and which image of a drink resonates the most with you.

From just the 11 questions, quiz takers will be given an emotion that the personality quiz feels is most suited to them. Despite being designed on a website that anyone is able to use and make quizzes with, TikTok users are seemingly pleased with the quiz and feel their results are spookily accurate.

Other Trending "Tests" on TikTok

Earlier this year the "green line" relationship test went viral on TikTok, but experts were quick to debunk the entire thing. The test claimed to show which person in a couple holds the power and "wears the pants" by showing who is leaning into who.

Newsweek spoke to various body language experts about the viral relationship test, which originated in the misogynistic "incel," or "involuntarily celibate" community, all of which completely shattered the theory at its core. For the experts, the theory was not only wrong but leaning in actually showed something completely different and far more positive: indicating that you care about the other person.