What is 'Killer Queen Black'? New Switch Game Has History in Arcades

Killer Queen Black has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch, bringing 4v4 arcade action to Nintendo's latest console. If you haven't heard of Killer Queen, you need to get yourself to an arcade before the Switch game releases this winter.

Killer Queen Black has modified the traditional Killer Queen arcade experience for home play Liquid Bit

Killer Queen Black is based off the popular arcade game Killer Queen . In the arcade version, two teams of five players face off to win. Four players control basic worker units, while one player on each team is the queen. While it can play as a simple deathmatch, there are actually three different ways to win a match of Killer Queen.

The first path to victory in Killer Queen is collecting berries. The worker units are capable of carrying one berry at a time, and if a team collects a set amount of berries in their home base, that team wins. The second path is more simple: kill the enemy team's queen three times.

The final way to win Killer Queen is a bit more odd. There is a giant snail at the bottom of the screen, and if a team manages to ride the snail into that team's basket, the game is over.

Worker units are responsible for carrying around berries and riding the snail. These units can upgrade into warrior units at select locations on the map, and gain a sword to kill enemies, but lose the ability to carry berries and ride the snail. Players controlling these units have unlimited lives, and will constantly revive at the team's base once killed.

The Nintendo Switch (and PC) version of Killer Queen looks a little different. For starters, there are only four players on each team in Killer Queen Black. This means teams will consist of one queen and three workers. There are also four game modes available: quick match, ranked, custom and arena. Players can team up online, or play locally on the Switch.

Killer Queen Black will release on both the Switch and PC this winter, but developer Liquid Bit didn't share any more specific information.

So what do you think? Have you played Killer Queen in the arcades? Are you excited to see a home release? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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