What Is Kylie Skin? Kylie Jenner Launches Skin Care Line: 'It's the Perfect Cocktail for Your Eyes'

Kylie Jenner is continuing to make waves within the beauty industry with an upcoming skincare line.

The 21-year-old announced her skincare line Kylie Skin Monday via a bare-face Instagram post but went on YouTube Tuesday evening to introduce the "perfect cocktail" for tired eyes.

"If you didn't get much sleep or had a long night out, then this is the perfect pick-me-up for you under eyes," the newly-crowned billionaire said in the video. "[The product] helps reduces puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles–and just brightens your undereye."

"Eye cream was actually one of the first products I ever started using growing up because my sisters instilled in me to always put eye cream on before bed," she continued. "You're never too young to start [using eye cream]."

Made with caffeine, green tea, Vitamin E and pomegranate oil, the makeup mogul revealed the light pink, squeeze-tubed packaging of one of the six products that are part of her skincare line.

"Skincare and makeup go hand in hand and Kylie Skin was something I dreamt up soon after Kylie Cosmetics. I've been working on this for what feels like a lifetime so I can't believe I'm finally announcing!" Jenner said on Instagram.

She continued: "Building my makeup line from the ground-up has taught me a lot and I'm so blessed with that knowledge to apply to my brand new company! Birthing a whole new team, manufacturing, fulfillment etc. separate from my cosmetics line was challenging but here we are! I got the best of the best for you guys!"

Along with the eye cream, Jenner will be launching a foaming face wash, walnut face scrub, vanilla milk toner, face moisturizer and Vitamin C serum.

The skincare line will not be available for purchase until May 22; however, Jenner has already shared the prices of her new products via the skincare line's official Instagram page–which has already 1 million followers as of Tuesday evening.

Prices listed below:

  • Kylie Skin Set – $125
  • Makeup removing wipes – $10
  • Kylie Skin travel-sized bags – $22
  • Walnut Face Scrub – $22
  • Foaming Face Wash – $24
  • Toner – $22
  • Serum – $28
  • Face Moisturizer – $24
  • Eye Cream – $20

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